Motley example sentences

Related (10): heterogeneous, varied, diverse, assorted, mixed, eclectic, patchwork, disparate, multifaceted, miscellaneous


[ˈmätlē] ✕ Play

motley (adjective) · motlier (comparative adjective) · motliest (superlative adjective)

  - incongruously varied in appearance or character; disparate:

  - an incongruous mixture:

  - the particolored costume of a jester:


miscellaneous, disparate, diverse, assorted, sundry, varied, mixed, diversified, heterogeneous, homogeneous, uniform, mixture, assortment, collection, selection, assemblage, medley, miscellany, melange, mix, variety, patchwork, pastiche, blend, smorgasbord, ragbag, hotchpotch, hodgepodge, mishmash, jumble, farrago, gallimaufry, olio, salmagundi, pasticcio, Feedback, Legal

"Motley" Example Sentences

1. The motley crowd gathered in the town square.
2. The group of mismatched toys formed a motley collection on the shelf.
3. The motley assortment of snacks did not appeal to his appetite.
4. His motley crew of pirates was ready to sail the high seas in search of treasure.
5. The motley crew of customers filed into the diner for breakfast.
6. The motley band of rebels plotted in secret to overthrow the king.
7. The motley bunch of travelers waited for the next train at the small station.
8. The motley band of musicians gathered at the pub for a late night jam session.
9. The candidate's motley group of supporters lined up outside the election office.
10. The motley flock of sheep wandered aimlessly over the hillside.
11. The motley group of protesters marched down the street shouting slogans.
12. The motley pack of dogs ran through the field chasing after sticks and balls.
13. The motley bunch of gamblers sat around the card table placing bets.
14. The motley collection of junk filled every corner of the garage.
15. The motley horde of insects swarmed over the spoiled fruit left on the counter.
16. The motley gang of teenagers laughed and joked as they walked down the street.
17. The motley mob of fans gathered outside the theater waiting for their favorite singer.
18. The motley parade of costumed revelers marched through the streets celebrating Mardi Gras.
19. The motley herd of wild buffalo stampeded across the plains.
20. The motley litter of puppies crawled over each other vying for their mother's attention.
21. The motley cart of street performers attracted a curious crowd.
22. The motley committee members argued over details of the proposal.
23. The motley horde of shoppers flooded the stores on Black Friday.
24. The motley menagerie of stuffed animals decorated the child's bed.
25. The motley getup of feathers and beads looked ridiculous on the tourists.
26. The motley bunch of misfits found camaraderie in their shared outsider status.
27. The motley array of printed shirts did not blend well together.
28. The motley platoon of soldiers marched in disorganized formation.
29. The motley assortment of colors did not coordinate.
30. The motley bandanna-clad tourists stuck out among the locals.
31. The motley rainbow of pixie sticks lined the shelves of the candy store.
32. The motley mixture of dried fruit made for an interesting trail mix.
33. The motley circus performers entertained the crowd with daring feats.
34. The motley coalition of minority parties united to challenge the incumbent.
35. The motley gang of thieves planned their next heist.
36. The motley posse of cowboys rode into town in search of adventure.
37. The motley assortment of decorations gave the room a festive but haphazard look.
38. The motley convoy of ancient cars slowly made their way down the road.
39. The motley collection of knickknacks filled every flat surface in the house.
40. The motley aggregation of bicycles leaned against the shed wall.
41. The motley array of graffiti covered every wall in sight.
42. The motley horde of reporters swarmed the celebrity as he exited the building.
43. The motley legion of soldiers marched with weary determination.
44. The motley bevy of guests mingled in awkward conversation at the party.
45. The motley group of revelers looked like they had been up all night celebrating.
46. The motley cavalcade of antique cars rolled down Main Street in the parade.
47. The motley cluster of beach umbrellas dotted the sand.
48. The motley team of incompetent employees struggled through each day.
49. The motley hodgepodge of castaway items lined the charity shop shelves.
50. The motley menagerie of stuffed animals decorate the child's bed.
51. The motley buffet of sugary treats did not appeal to her sweet tooth.
52. The motley platoon of novice soldiers marched out of step.
53. The motley ensemble of mismatched clothes did not complement each other.
54. The motley flock of sea birds gathered around the fishing boats.
55. The motley assortment of pins and beads lay scattered across the craft table.
56. The motley display of dated fashions made the models look ridiculous.
57. The motley horde of unruly fans mobbed the celebrity as he left the arena.
58. The motley troupe of novice actors delivered their lines awkwardly.
59. The motley congregation of diverse worshippers gathered for the Sunday service.
60. The motley ensemble of mismatched instruments created an atonal din.

Common Phases

1. The merry guests formed a motley crew.
2. The motley crowd gathered on the street corner.
3. The circus performers wore motley costumes.
4. The team consisted of a motley group of misfits and outcasts.
5. The motley gathering included beggars, monks, and merchants.
6. The boy's motley collection of stuffed animals lined the shelves.
7. The motley assortment of clothing lay strewn across the floor.
8. The parade featured jugglers, clowns, and performers in motley costumes.
9. The motley collection of rocks filled the jar.
10. The audience was a motley mixture of students, professors, and locals.
11. The tramps formed a motley horde outside the mission doors.
12. The motley group of revelers roamed the streets at night.
13. The motley army marched off to battle.
14. The motley group of dogs barked and howled together.
15. The motley set of tools lay scattered across the garage floor.
16. The motley band of musicians tuned their instruments.
17. The motley mix of items filled the attic shelves.
18. The carnival featured performers in colorful and motley costumes.
19. The motley assortment of dishes filled the cupboards.
20. The parade featured performers decked out in motley costumes.
21. The motley horde of loud children swarmed through the playground.
22. Her motley stash of treasures filled the tattered chest.
23. A motley mixture of people filled the small room.
24. The motley horde of fans screamed and shouted for their idols.
25. The motley crew of pirates embarked on their latest voyage.
26. The motley bunch of characters marched into the tavern.
27. The motley crowd gathered for the annual street fair.
28. The motley supporters cheered wildly for their team.
29. The motley carnival performers gathered outside the big tent.
30. The fans formed a motley collection of teams and clubs.
31. The models wore an eclectic and motley array of fashions.
32. A motley collection of junk filled the garage.
33. The motley assortment of utensils filled the drawer.
34. The performers included jugglers, acrobats and dancers in motley costumes.
35. The motley pile of debris lay strewn across the yard.
36. The rioters formed a motley mob outside city hall.
37. The motley horde of revelers took to the dance floor.
38. The motley set of tax forms filled the shoebox.
39. The motley band of misfits set out on their quest.
40. The motley assortment of trinkets filled the old trunk.
41. The motley crew of thieves planned their latest heist.
42. The garden featured a motley mixture of colorful flowers.
43. The crowd consisted of a motley combination of city folk.
44. The motley rabble marched down the street.
45. The motley mix of diners filled the restaurant.
46. The motley selection of books lined the bookshelves.
47. The actors in motley costumes performed before the king.
48. The motley bunch of students gathered for the class photo.
49. The motley herd of animals lived in the ramshackle zoo.
50. The motley mix of old plates filled the cupboard.
51. A motley combination of friends sat around the table.
52. The performers appeared on stage in motley garb.
53. The motley menagerie of pets roamed the house.
54. The motley bunch of revelers descended on the pub.
55. The motley array of personal effects filled the boxes.
56. The motley collection of bric-a-brac decorated the shelves.
57. The motley ragtag group of pilgrims set out on the dusty trail.
58. The motley crowd of fans swarmed the stage.
59. The motley group of travelers gathered in the old inn.
60. The motley array of items cluttered the desk drawer.

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