Naivet example sentences

Related (5): Innocence, gullibility, ingenuousness, simplicity, credulity.

"Naivet" Example Sentences

1. His naivete was endearing, but it also made him an easy target for scammers.
2. Despite her intelligence, she had a certain naivete when it came to matters of the heart.
3. He approached his new business venture with a youthful naivete that would soon be replaced by hard-earned wisdom.
4. I could tell by the look in her eyes that she was not yet jaded by the world; her naivete was refreshing.
5. His naivete was almost comical as he asked the CEO for a raise on his first day of work.
6. She couldn't help but smile at her daughter's naivete when she asked where babies came from.
7. His naivete made him believe that he could finish the project in a week when in reality it would take months.
8. Her naivete was quickly shattered when she learned that not everyone in the world was kind and honest.
9. He was innocent in his naivete, unaware of the dangerous world he was about to enter.
10. Despite her age, she still clung to some degree of naivete, preferring to see the best in people.
11. His naivete was both a blessing and a curse; it made him vulnerable but also pure of heart.
12. She never lost her sense of naivete, remaining optimistic even in the face of adversity.
13. His naivete about the inner workings of politics was evident during his first campaign.
14. Despite her academic achievements, she still had a certain naivete about the real world.
15. His naivete was exploited by his competitors as they took advantage of his trusting nature.
16. She wished she could return to the days of her youthful naivete, when life seemed so much simpler.
17. He soon discovered that his naivete was no match for the cutthroat industry he had entered.
18. Her naivete almost cost her the job interview when she confessed she had never heard of the company.
19. His naivete was shattered when he learned that his parents had lied to him about his biological father.
20. Despite his naivete, he possessed a certain street smarts that helped him navigate the city.
21. She was proud of her son's naivete, seeing it as a sign of his untainted spirit.
22. His naivete about the realities of war were quickly replaced by the harsh truth once he was deployed.
23. She had a certain naivete about social dynamics, never realizing when she was being excluded or insulted.
24. His naivete was evident in his belief that he could change the world with a single invention.
25. She couldn't help but feel envious of her sister's naivete, wishing she could see the world through rose-colored glasses.
26. His naivete about the stock market was exposed when he lost his entire life savings in a matter of weeks.
27. She wished she could preserve her daughter's naivete, knowing that the harsh realities of life would soon come crashing down.
28. His naivete made him the perfect target for the confidence trickster, who had no trouble separating him from his money.
29. Despite her reputation as a savvy businesswoman, she still had a certain naivete about matters of trust and loyalty.
30. His naivete about the dangers of the wilderness almost cost him his life during his camping trip.

Common Phases

1. "In his naiveté, he believed everything he read online."
2. "The company's naiveté led to their downfall in the market."
3. "She was criticized for her naiveté in trusting strangers."
4. "Their naiveté about the dangers of drugs led to addiction."
5. "I was surprised by his naiveté in thinking that life is fair."

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