Near example sentences

Related (11): close, adjacent, nearby, proximate, neighboring, next-door, immediate, contiguous, touching, abutting, bordering

"Near" Example Sentences

1. The lake house is near the countryside.
2. The store is near my house.
3. I live near the beach.
4. The movie theater is near the mall.
5. He lives near the city.
6. There are no restaurants near here.
7. The school is near the park.
8. Please keep your feet near the floor.
9. Stand near me so I can hear you better.
10. My friend lives in a house near the woods.
11. I had a close call, that car came near hitting me!
12. Come sit near the fire to get warm.
13. The cafe is near the bus stop.
14. Call me back when you get near the hotel.
15. We have a dog run near our backyard.
16. The cat likes sleeping near the heater.
17. Stay near me when we cross the street.
18. Seat yourself near the door if you like.
19. The dog barked at anything that came near.
20. We will meet you at the gate near baggage claim.
21. The museum is near the town center.
22. The concert venue is near the hospital.
23. My office is located just near the interstate.
24. There is a playground near our office.
25. Don't go too near the edge, it's slippery.
26. There are no restrooms near this area.
27. The hotel was situated near the beach.
28. The farmers market is open on weekends near here.
29. I think there's a park near by, let's go for a walk.
30. His house is near the church on Oak Street.
31. I came near to missing the train.
32. She sat near the window and watched the rain.
33. The bus stops are near each other.
34. The restaurant is near the train station.
35. Keep your knife and fork near you while eating.
36. She lives right near the city center.
37. We need a place to stay for the night near here.
38. He went to the spot where he had come near drowning.
39. Stay near and keep your eyes open.
40. New houses are being built near the highway.
41. There are some shops near the school grounds.
42. We went for a walk in the park near our house.
43. The office is near the post office.
44. Don't go too near the edge of the cliff.
45. Try to keep the boxes near each other.
46. Stay near me, I don't want you getting lost.
47. The crime rate seems to be rising near here.
48. There are no hotels near this part of town.
49. Her house is near mine, just down the road.
50. There's a convenience store near the gas station.
51. The emergency exit is near the back of the plane.
52. There's a diner near the old gas station.
53. Come near, let me get a good look at you!
54. I'll keep my eye on you from near the door.
55. The boat drifted near to the rocks.
56. There's a church near the entrance of the park.
57. I put the keys near the TV so I wouldn't lose them.
58. The waitress brought bread and butter near at once.
59. Come near the fire and get warm.
60. There is a grocery store near the corner.

Common Phases

1. Near and dear - Something near and dear to the heart means something that is very important or special.
2. Near future - Something expected to happen in the near future refers to something expected to happen soon.
3. Come near - An invitation to approach or get closer.
4. Near at hand - Something that is near at hand is close and readily available.
5. Near miss - A close call, a situation where disaster was narrowly avoided.
6. Near perfect - Something that is very close to being perfect.
7. Near fatal - Something that nearly caused death.
8. Near miss - A close call, a situation where disaster was narrowly avoided.
9. Near neighbor - Someone who lives very close by.
10. Near sighted - Short-sighted, not able to see things clearly in the distance.
11. From near and far - From various or distant places.
12. As near as - Almost, practically.
13. Near death - Close to death.
14. Near impossible - Almost impossible.
15. Near horizon - On the horizon, about to happen in the future.
16. Come near - Approach, advance closer.
17. Near enough - Close or adequate.
18. Near future - In a short time from now.
19. Near occasion - Cause, reason.
20. Near heart's content - As much as one wishes or desires.

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