Node example sentences

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"Node" Example Sentences

1. The node connects various devices in a network.
2. The traffic node in the city experiences heavy congestion during rush hour.
3. The spinal cord contains many nerve nodes that transmit messages to and from the brain.
4. Nodes help distribute data efficiently within a network.
5. XML files use node tags to organize different types of data.
6. The knee joint is an important node that connects the upper and lower leg bones.
7. A computer network relies on routers and switches as nodes within the system.
8. The neural node transmitted an electrical signal to the next neuron in the pathway.
9. The computer scientist developed a new algorithm to optimize data transmission in networked nodes.
10. The client connected to the server node to retrieve data from the database.
11. Nodes in a binary tree can have two branches stemming from each node.
12. Mesh networks consist of many nodes that all connect to each other.
13. The root node is the starting point of a tree data structure.
14. Leaf nodes are the end points in a tree that have no branches.
15. The scientist added a new section containing additional information nodes.
16. Bluetooth devices pair by connecting their communication nodes.
17. Link nodes connect different sections of a webpage through hyperlinks.
18. Junction nodes are points where two or more lines or paths intersect.
19. Nodes along the neural pathway communicated the electric signal.
20. The biologist identified unique marker nodes within the genetic code.
21. He developed a web application with a node-based architecture.
22. The JSON file uses objects and arrays to organize its data nodes.
23. Nodes in a blockchain store copies of transaction records.
24. Social networks connect people through shared connection nodes.
25. I perform matrix operations on the data nodes within my neural network.
26. The lymph nodes in my arm became swollen and inflamed.
27. The electron flows between one atom node to the next.
28. The computer scientist developed a new algorithm to optimize routing between networked nodes.
29. The researcher identified over 80 significant marker nodes within the DNA sequence.
30. We studied how data is transmitted between nodes within wired and wireless networks.
31. The company servers act as hub nodes within their distributed network.
32. The nerve nodes fired electrical signals to my muscles, causing them to contract.
33. The CSS file uses class and ID nodes to apply styles to HTML elements.
34. We reviewed how information is routed through central routing nodes on the Internet.
35. His presentation focused on mathematical modeling of complex networked nodes.
36. The nodes of Ranvier are gaps in the myelin sheath that allow for saltatory conduction.
37. Terminal nodes are the end points in a branched system that do not split further.
38. The webpage loads content by requesting data from various external node servers.
39. Shopping malls act as commercial nodes that draw customers from surrounding areas.
40. The drug targets and destroys cancerous cells within the lymph node.
41. The chemist identified over 30 carbon nodes within the molecular structure.
42. Each node in the blockchain stores a copy of the entire transaction history.
43. The XML file organizes data into parent nodes and child nodes.
44. The researcher isolated and cultured immune cells from lymph node biopsies.
45. The framework uses a node-based architecture to distribute workflow tasks.
46. The JSON data consists of a nested hierarchy of name-value pairs within JavaScript object nodes.
47. Homeostasis depends on communication between regulatory nodes throughout the body.
48. GPS satellites act as location nodes within the global positioning system.
49. Fibers of the peripheral nervous system relay signals between nodes and target organs.
50. The DOM tree represents an HTML webpage as a collection of interconnected nodes.
51. The scraping tool extracts data from individual information nodes within the webpage.
52. A labeled directed graph models a network as a set of vertices and connection nodes.
53. The computer uses lookup tables to quickly access specific data nodes.
54. The root node injects tasks into the worker nodes for distributed processing.
55. The researchers created an algorithm to identify driver mutation nodes within protein networks.
56. Server nodes distribute workload and store data in cloud computing systems.
57. The electrical node fired, causing the nearby muscle fibers to contract.
58. Social behaviors emerge from interactions between connected nodes within the network.
59. The XML document uses node elements to organize data into a labeled hierarchy.
60. The routing algorithm evaluates node density and connectivity to determine optimal paths.

Common Phases

1. Leaf node - A node at the bottom of a tree structure that has no child nodes.
2. Root node - The top node in a tree structure that branches out to other nodes.
3. Switching node - A network node that forwards data packets between other nodes.
4. Network node - Any device or point that can receive, create, or transmit across a computer network.
5. Middle node - A node in a tree that is neither a root node nor a leaf node.
6. Start node - The first node run when executing a process.
7. Terminal node - An endpoint in a network that cannot route traffic to other nodes.
8. Child node - A node that is descended from and connected to another parent node.
9. Parent node - A node that has one or more child nodes descending from it.
10. Intersection node - A point where two or more things meet or connect.

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