Nonexistent example sentences

Related (14): absent, imaginary, null, void, non-existing, non-existent, ghost, phantasm, figment, unreal, mythical, fictional, inexistent, nonexisting

"Nonexistent" Example Sentences

1. The budget for marketing is nonexistent.
2. My interest in sports is nonexistent.
3. His cooking skills are nonexistent.
4. The possibility of success was nonexistent.
5. The hopes for peace were sadly nonexistent.
6. The number of attendees at the event was almost nonexistent.
7. The impact on the environment was practically nonexistent.
8. The level of customer satisfaction was nonexistent.
9. The chances of winning the lottery are virtually nonexistent.
10. The quality of the product was nonexistent.
11. The amount of progress made on the project was largely nonexistent.
12. The potential for growth in the company was nonexistent.
13. The support from the team was nonexistent.
14. The value of the investment was nonexistent.
15. The effectiveness of the treatment was largely nonexistent.
16. The communication between the parties was nearly nonexistent.
17. The amount of effort put forth was nonexistent.
18. The presence of leadership in the organization was nonexistent.
19. The number of job openings in the field was nonexistent.
20. The amount of trust in the relationship was nonexistent.
21. The depth of knowledge on the subject was nonexistent.
22. The influence of the book on the industry was nonexistent.
23. The availability of resources for the project was nonexistent.
24. The degree of understanding among the group was nonexistent.
25. The level of engagement with the audience was nonexistent.
26. The amount of respect shown to the employees was nonexistent.
27. The level of security at the event was nonexistent.
28. The chances of survival in that situation were nonexistent.
29. The range of options available for the decision was nonexistent.
30. The quality of the service provided was nonexistent.

Common Phases

1. The evidence for his existence is nonexistent; therefore, we cannot prove his presence.
2. The company's profits were nonexistent this quarter; it may be time for a change in strategy.
3. His knowledge in this area is nonexistent; he will require extensive training to catch up.
4. The restaurant's vegetarian options were nonexistent; we had to settle for a salad.
5. Her social life has been nonexistent since she moved to the new city; she needs to make more of an effort to meet people.
6. The chances of success were virtually nonexistent; we knew it was a risky endeavor from the start.
7. Due to his lack of experience, his confidence was nonexistent when he started the job; he has since gained more self-assurance.
8. The possibility of finding a parking spot was nonexistent; we had to park a mile away.
9. His ability to concentrate was nonexistent during the lecture; he was too distracted by his phone.
10. Despite our efforts to find a solution, a viable option was nonexistent; we had to accept the reality of the situation.

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