Ostracismn example sentences

Related (9): exclusion, shunning, banishment, isolation, snubbing, alienation, excommunication, blacklisting, rebuffing

"Ostracismn" Example Sentences

1. John experienced severe ostracism in the workplace after a disagreement with his boss.
2. The community practice ostracism as a form of punishment for those who violate the norms.
3. Ostracism can lead to feelings of loneliness and social rejection.
4. The student felt ostracized from her classmates due to her different cultural background.
5. The company's ostracism of whistleblowers raised ethical concerns among its employees.
6. The group used ostracism to exclude those who did not share their political ideology.
7. The high school's football team faced ostracism from the rest of the student body due to their losing record.
8. The couple experienced ostracism from their conservative families after announcing their engagement.
9. The scientist faced ostracism from his peers after proposing a controversial theory.
10. The teacher's ostracism of certain students based on their academic performance was deemed unacceptable by the school administration.
11. The politician faced ostracism from his party after speaking out against their policies.
12. The religious sect practiced ostracism as a way to maintain control over its members.
13. The neighborhood's ostracism of the new family was based on unfounded rumors and stereotypes.
14. The company's ostracism of employees who raised concerns about safety issues showed a lack of accountability.
15. The school's ostracism of a student with special needs was a violation of their rights.
16. The artist faced ostracism from the art world after producing controversial and provocative works.
17. The ostracism of a prominent member of the community caused a rift among its residents.
18. The group's ostracism of those who did not adhere to their strict dietary restrictions was seen as extreme by outsiders.
19. The athlete faced ostracism from their team after being caught using performance-enhancing drugs.
20. The scientific community has a history of ostracism towards female researchers and minorities.
21. The political leader used ostracism as a tool to silence critics and dissenters.
22. The workplace's ostracism of employees who took time off for mental health reasons highlighted the stigma surrounding mental illness.
23. The romantic partner's ostracism of their significant other's friends created tension and conflict in the relationship.
24. The school's ostracism of students who did not conform to traditional gender roles was harmful to their well-being.
25. The community's ostracism of the immigrant population was based on xenophobic attitudes and prejudice.
26. The family's ostracism of their gay son created a rift that lasted for years.
27. The fraternity's ostracism of members who did not participate in hazing rituals was a form of coercion.
28. The company culture allowed for ostracism of employees who did not fit in with the dominant group.
29. The ostracism of individuals with mental health issues prevents them from accessing support and resources.
30. The scientific community's ostracism of those who challenge the status quo led to a lack of innovation and progress.

Common Phases

1. She felt a sense of ostracism from her peers;
2. The group's decision to ostracize him was harsh;
3. Ostracism is a form of social exclusion;
4. The fear of ostracism prevented her from speaking up;
5. His ostracism from the community was devastating;
6. Ostracism can have long-lasting effects on mental health;
7. The feeling of ostracism can manifest in physical symptoms;
8. Her ostracism from the workplace made her feel worthless;
9. In some cultures, ostracism is used as a form of punishment;
10. The effects of ostracism can be mitigated through social support.

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