Outsmarted example sentences

Related (12): outwitted, outmaneuvered, outfoxed, outplayed, outshined, outperformed, outclassed, outmatched, outdistanced, outpaced, outgamed, outthought.

"Outsmarted" Example Sentences

1. Despite her opponent's best efforts, she outsmarted him at every turn.
2. The clever fox outsmarted the hounds chasing it through the forest.
3. The detective finally outsmarted the elusive criminal after months of investigation.
4. He outsmarted his classmates on the test by using a unique strategy.
5. She had always been able to outsmart her little brother in their childhood games.
6. The cunning businessman outsmarted his competitors to secure the lucrative contract.
7. The magician outsmarted the audience with his clever illusions.
8. The spy managed to outsmart his enemy agents and complete his mission successfully.
9. She outsmarted her fear of public speaking by practicing diligently.
10. The farmer outsmarted the pests by using natural insect repellents instead of harmful chemicals.
11. The athlete outsmarted his opponents with his quick reflexes and strategic moves.
12. The hacker outsmarted the security system and gained access to confidential information.
13. The inventor outsmarted the limitations of his materials and created a groundbreaking new product.
14. She outsmarted the frustrating traffic by taking a different route to work.
15. The coach outsmarted his opponents by making crucial substitutions during the game.
16. The teacher outsmarted her students by making the lesson fun and engaging.
17. The entrepreneur outsmarted the market by anticipating and satisfying a niche need.
18. He outsmarted the system by finding a loophole in the rules.
19. The artist outsmarted her creative block by experimenting with new materials and techniques.
20. The parent outsmarted the picky eater by disguising healthy foods in delicious recipes.
21. The traveler outsmarted the language barrier by learning key phrases before going abroad.
22. The musician outsmarted her stage fright by practicing in front of small audiences.
23. The scientist outsmarted the limitations of technology and made a groundbreaking discovery.
24. The trader outsmarted the stock market by making strategic investments at the right time.
25. The chef outsmarted the limited pantry by improvising dishes with available ingredients.
26. The climber outsmarted the difficult terrain by using innovative equipment and techniques.
27. The writer outsmarted the dreaded writer's block by switching to a different project for a while.
28. The designer outsmarted the limitations of the budget by using creativity and resourcefulness.
29. The doctor outsmarted the virus by devising a new treatment that saved countless lives.
30. The athlete outsmarted her injury by taking time to recover properly and coming back stronger.

Common Phases

not duplicate phrases.
1. He thought he had outsmarted me; little did he know I had a trick up my sleeve.
2. The competitor tried to outsmart us; we responded by taking a calculated risk.
3. She believed she had outsmarted the system; however, her mistake cost her dearly.
4. We were determined to outsmart the competition; our innovative approach paid off.
5. He was convinced he had outsmarted everyone; but his arrogance led to his downfall.
6. She tried to outsmart her opponent with a fancy move; but it backfired.
7. The hacker thought he had outsmarted the company's security; but the IT team was one step ahead.
8. They were determined to outsmart each other in the negotiation; the final agreement was a compromise.
9. He tried to outsmart the detective with a false alibi; but his lies were easily uncovered.
10. We had to outsmart the storm to get home safely.

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