Overstate example sentences

Related (9): exaggerate, inflate, amplify, magnify, embellish, hyperbolize, overemphasize, overestimate, overplay

"Overstate" Example Sentences

1. You cannot overstate the importance of freedom.
2. Some critics claim the news media often overstate problems to generate more interest.
3. He tends to overstate his accomplishments.
4. His habit of overstating the risks led many investors to avoid his project.
5. I fear you have overstated the dangers involved.
6. She overstated the demand for their new product.
7. The risks are real but I think you overstate the likelihood of them occurring.
8. Opponents accused him of overstating the economic benefits of the new project.
9. Some claim that disaster movies overstate the threat of global catastrophes.
10. The presentation overstated the advantages and understated the challenges.
11. He overstated his involvement in the project to impress his boss.
12. The report seems to overstate the severity of the problem.
13. You cannot overstate how important it is to be on time.
14. The warnings significantly overstated the threat of an attack.
15. The press release appeared to overstate the company's financial success.
16. Critics argued the film overstated the social impact of the main character.
17. The speech overstated the progress made on key issues.
18. The proposal grossly overstated the need for additional staff.
19. The report tends to overstate the potential benefits and ignore risks.
20. She overstated her ability to meet the tight deadlines.
21. The marketing campaign clearly overstated the actual value of the new product.
22. The advertisement greatly overstated the effectiveness of the new drug.
23. You cannot overstate how honorable his sacrifice was.
24. He greatly overstated his previous experience with the software.
25. Analysts believe the earnings forecast overstates expected profits.
26. Critics claimed the book overstated the author's influence on the movement.
27. Political opponents argued he overstated the urgency of the terrorism threat.
28. The alarms seemed to overstate the threat of the incoming storm.
29. I fear you have overstated the number of potential customers.
30. The proposal tends to overstate projected profits and understate costs.
31. The memo overstated the severity of the economic difficulties.
32. You cannot overstate how important it is to tell the truth.
33. The speaker attempted to overstate the impact of his proposal.
34. We did not mean to overstate the risks involved in the project.
35. Analysts argue the estimates greatly overstate the company's likely profits.
36. You cannot overstate the significance of their scientific discoveries.
37. The warnings significantly overstated the health dangers posed by the toxin.
38. Some feel the president's rhetoric overstates the threat of terrorism.
39. The headline seemed determined to overstate the importance of the story.
40. You cannot overstate how meaningful your support has been.
41. The report greatly overstates the population growth predicted for the next decade.
42. The plan overstates the need for increased staff and funding.
43. Some critics argue the history books overstate America's role in winning WWII.
44. The speaker attempted to overstate the number of potential voters for his position.
45. The speechwriter tried to overstate the magnitude of the recent economic gains.
46. The advertisement clearly overstated the abilities of the new product.
47. The news stories tended to overstate the prospects for peace talks.
48. The email attempted to overstate the urgency of the situation.
49. Critics argued the campaign overstated the risks posed by the opponent.
50. You cannot overstate how serious the consequences might be.
51. Analysts accuse the CEO of overstating the company's competitive position.
52. The claim significantly overstates the health risks posed by the toxin.
53. Some argue the memoirs overstate the author's role in key policy decisions.
54. You cannot overstate how important it is to tell your loved ones the truth.
55. The proposal greatly overstates the demand for the proposed service.
56. His habit of overstating minuscule risks concerns many investors.
57. The report appears intended to overstate the severity of the economic slowdown.
58. The movie tends to overstate the uniqueness of the main character's journey.
59. The warnings likely overstate the health risks posed by the new technology.
60. You cannot overstate how crucial good communication is in a relationship.

Common Phases

1. Cannot overstate.
2. Tend to overstate.
3. Greatly overstate.
4. Overstate the.
5. Overstate how.
6. Significantly overstate.
7. Clearly overstate.
8. Grossly overstate.
9. Heavily overstate.
10. Determined to overstate.
11. Attempted to overstate.
12. Appears to overstate.
13. Accused of overstating.
14. Risks overstate.
15. Likely overstate.
16. Habit of overstating.
17. Overstate the likelihood.
18. Overstate potential.
19. Overstate benefits.
20. Overstate advantages.

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