Owen example sentences

"Owen" Example Sentences

1. Owen loved to play soccer after school.
2. Owen's mother packed him an apple in his lunchbox every day.
3. Grandma always gave Owen five dollars when he visited.
4. Owen lived on Oak Street with his parents and two little sisters.
5. Owen waved to his friend Jack as they walked home from school.
6. Are you going to Owen's birthday party this weekend?
7. Owen's favorite book was about dragons and knights.
8. Owen scored the winning goal during his soccer game.
9. Hi Owen, how was your day at school?
10. Grandpa lifted Owen high into the air while playing.
11. Owen found a stray puppy on his walk home from school yesterday.
12. The teacher congratulated Owen on his good math test score.
13. Owen and his best friend Jake built a fort in the backyard.
14. Owen ate his mashed potatoes messily, getting gravy all over his face.
15. Owen's little sister spilled water on his homework.
16. Owen got a skateboard for his tenth birthday.
17. Mrs. Smith reminded Owen to turn in his assignment on time.
18. Owen said goodnight to his mom and dad before climbing into bed.
19. Owen's dad coached his soccer team every weekend.
20. Owen forgot his lunch at home and had to buy cafeteria food.
21. I met Owen at the neighborhood park last week.
22. Owen tripped and fell while running to catch up to his friends.
23. Owen and his grandfather went fishing at the lake every summer.
24. Aunt Julie gave Owen a big hug and kiss when she visited.
25. Owen always cheered for the home team at baseball games.
26. Owen's teacher complimented him on his creative writing assignment.
27. Owen likes playing video games on rainy days.
28. Owen waved goodbye to his friends as he got on the school bus.
29. Owen tried to fix his broken bicycle himself.
30. Owen quickly ate his breakfast before running out the door for school.
31. Did you hear that Owen made the honor roll last semester?
32. Owen quietly did his homework while his sister watched TV.
33. Owen marched in the Memorial Day parade with his class.
34. Mrs. Cooper reminded Owen to speak more politely to his sister.
35. Owen wore his favorite baseball cap backwards.
36. Owen always sat next to his best friend in class.
37. Owen holds the record for the most goals scored on his soccer team.
38. Owen's dad helped him with his science homework after dinner.
39. Owen fell asleep in the car on the way home from vacation.
40. Owen pretended his broomstick was a dragon he needed to battle.
41. Owen's mom helped him with the spelling words he struggled with.
42. Owen wiped the sweat from his forehead after playing soccer.
43. Owen's report on dinosaurs impressed his teacher and classmates.
44. Owen counted his allowance money and put it in his piggy bank.
45. Owen wanted a skateboard for his next birthday.
46. Owen looked both ways before crossing the street.
47. Owen's little brother followed him around the house.
48. Owen wore his brother's hand-me-down clothes.
49. Owen always said thank you when someone did something nice for him.
50. Owen fell asleep watching cartoons on Saturday morning.
51. Owen's shoes were caked with mud from playing outside.
52. Owen missed the school bus and had to be driven to school by his mom.
53. Owen finished all of his chores before going outside to play.
54. Owen was excited to go on his first camping trip with his dad.
55. It was Owen's job to feed the family's pet goldfish every day.
56. Owen stayed up late telling scary stories with his cousins.
57. Owen was proud to get his very first missing tooth.
58. Owen practiced catching and throwing his baseball in the backyard.
59. Owen remembered to wash his hands before eating dinner.
60. Owen could not wait to grow up and go on adventures.

Common Phases

1. Owen's mom
2. Owen's dad
3. Owen's friend
4. Dear Owen,
5. According to Owen,
6. As Owen said,
7. Little Owen
8. Young Owen
9. Poor Owen
10. Good old Owen
11. Owen next door
12. My friend Owen
13. Classmate Owen
14. Owen and I
15. My cousin Owen
16. Owen's brother
17. Owen's sister
18. Uncle Owen
19. Aunt Owen
20. Baby Owen

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