Oxbirds example sentences

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"Oxbirds" Example Sentences

1. The oxbirds perched atop the grazing cattle.
2. The oxbirds flew in tandem with the farmer's plow.
3. Pairs of oxbirds nested in the fields during the spring.
4. The oxbirds kept the insects under control in the pasture.
5. The oxbirds were a welcomed companion to the plowman.
6. The oxbirds busily searched for insects in the freshly-tilled soil.
7. The oxbirds were undisturbed by the farmers working around them.
8. The oxbirds diligently searched for tidbits in the manure piles.
9. The oxbirds flew in formation as they migrated South.
10. The oxbirds scurried out of the path of the oncoming tractor.
11. The oxbirds squawked and flocked around the watering trough.
12. The oxbirds snacked on the insects kicked up by the grazing cattle.
13. The oxbirds rested on the fence posts that lined the field.
14. The oxbirds pecked at the rotting wood in the abandoned barn.
15. The oxbirds soared high above the fields on sunny days.
16. The oxbirds perched on the farmer's shoulders during breaks.
17. The oxbirds roosted in the trees near the pond.
18. The oxbirds fluttered around the perimeter of the field.
19. The oxbirds darted back and forth in front of the plow.
20. The oxbirds were often seen playing "king of the hill" on the haystacks.
21. The oxbirds chirped happily as they followed the toiling oxen.
22. The oxbirds preened their feathers while nestled in the shade of the barn.
23. The oxbirds built their nests from the cattle's discarded hair.
24. The oxbirds basked in the warm glow of the setting sun.
25. The oxbirds perched precariously on the fence post, swaying in the wind.
26. The oxbirds followed the herd to the new pasture.
27. The oxbirds led the way to the freshly plowed soil.
28. The oxbirds were as much a part of farming life as the cattle themselves.
29. The oxbirds warily watched as the fox snuck into the henhouse.
30. The oxbirds stood guard over the newborn calves in the field.
31. The oxbirds were known for their keen eyesight and acute hearing.
32. The oxbirds were a symbol of good luck for farmers.
33. The oxbirds scattered as the thunderstorm approached.
34. The oxbirds stayed close to the oxen as they navigated through muddy fields.
35. The oxbirds were a familiar sight during the harvest season.
36. The oxbirds eagerly followed the farmer to the grain bin.
37. The oxbirds were always the first to greet the farmer in the morning.
38. The oxbirds were loyal companions to the plowman, through thick and thin.
39. The oxbirds delighted in the warm sun's rays during lazy afternoons.
40. The oxbirds were a natural part of the farming ecosystem.

Common Phases

1. The oxbirds roamed freely in the open fields;
2. The oxbirds flew in a V-formation overhead;
3. The oxbirds perched on the branches of the tall trees;
4. The oxbirds squawked loudly as they took flight;
5. The oxbirds foraged for insects and seeds in the grassy meadows;
6. The oxbirds joined forces with other bird species in a mixed flock.

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