Parity example sentences

Related (9): equality, equivalency, similarity, sameness, balance, evenness, correspondence, uniformity, coherence

"Parity" Example Sentences

1. They are working toward gender parity in the workplace.
2. Pay disparity and a lack of gender parity are still issues in many fields.
3. The government is committed to achieving wage parity between men and women.
4. There are still inequalities to be addressed before we achieve true gender parity.
5. We need policies that promote pay parity between men and women for the same work.
6. The gender wage gap shows that we have not yet achieved parity in compensation.
7. Despite progress, racial and ethnic parity remains elusive in many professions.
8. There is a long way to go before we reach pay parity between different ethnic groups.
9. Education and awareness campaigns are aimed at achieving digital parity for all.
10. Income inequality undermines efforts toward social and economic parity.
11. Access to resources and opportunities is key to achieving parity of outcomes.
12. Parity acts seek to promote equity in areas like health insurance coverage.
13. Salary transparency is an important factor in achieving pay parity.
14. Automation risks exacerbating existing disparities rather than enabling parity.
15. Broadband access needs to be universal to achieve digital parity.
16. Parity in leadership positions has been slow to materialize.
17. Parental leave policies can help promote gender parity in the workplace.
18. They advocated for compensation and benefit parity between men and women.
19. There are disparities in healthcare outcomes that undermine health parity goals.
20. The system needs an overhaul in order to promote true social and economic parity.
21. Racial parity has yet to be achieved in politics, business and other spheres of influence.
22. The organization is working to promote equity and parity for disadvantaged groups.
23. Economic parity requires access to opportunity and resources across all demographics.
24. Health insurance coverage needs to reflect financial parity between physical and mental healthcare.
25. Achieving food security and nutrition parity is a basic human right.
26. Funding parity between public schools is necessary for educational equity.
27. Racial parity in the legal system has been a slow march toward progress.
28. Basic infrastructure like transportation needs to reflect equitable access and parity.
29. Linguistic parity policies aim for equal status and rights for all languages.
30. Disability parity requires accommodations that enable equal access and opportunity.
31. There is a long way to go to achieve gender parity in STEM fields.
32. The deal aims to establish rough military parity between the two countries.
33. Nuclear disarmament talks seek to create strategic parity between adversaries.
34. Competitive parity policies aim for a level playing field in sports.
35. Institutions have a responsibility to promote pay and benefit parity for all employees.
36. Systemic discrimination undermines efforts to achieve social and economic parity.
37. Early childhood education programs help promote educational parity later in life.
38. Technology development needs to reflect the ideals of accessibility and parity.
39. Parity in retirement savings and benefits is an important workplace equality issue.
40. Cultivating a diverse talent pool helps promote professional parity.
41. Health literacy programs aim to enable health parity for disadvantaged groups.
42. Policy changes are needed to promote voting parity and participation across demographics.
43. Job training programs seek to promote employment parity for those facing barriers.
44. Accessibility needs to be a core principle in efforts to achieve digital parity.
45. Infrastructure projects can help promote urban-rural parity and balanced development.
46. Information parity requires equal access to news and knowledge across social groups.
47. Disparate impact analyses seek to mitigate threats to equity and parity.
48. Efforts to promote health parity often focus on prevention and early intervention.
49. Data-driven decision making can help promote parity in resource allocation.
50. Recruitment and training initiatives aim to promote managerial parity.

Common Phases

1. Pay parity - Equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender, race, or other factors.
2. Gender parity - Equal representation and rights for both sexes or genders in a group.
3. Wage parity - Equal rates of pay for different groups performing comparable work.
4. Health insurance parity - Equal coverage of mental and physical health issues by insurance plans.
5. Achieving/reaching parity - Attaining an equal status or level between two or more groups.
6. Purchasing power parity - The amount of currency needed to buy the same goods and services in different countries.
7. Military parity - A balance of military capabilities between opposing nations or alliances.
8. Strategic parity - A balance of strategic military capabilities, such as nuclear arsenals.
9. Educational parity - Equal access to educational resources and opportunities.
10. Salary parity - Equal levels of pay for employees with similar roles, skills and experience.
11. Funding parity - Equal allocation of public funds for comparable initiatives or institutions.
12. Competitive parity - A fair or level playing field in competitive endeavors like sports.
13. Benefit parity - Equal provision of fringe benefits like healthcare, paid leave, and retirement plans.
14. Linguistic parity - The equal status of multiple languages within a country or region.
15. Digital parity - Universal access to information and communication technologies.

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