Pervert example sentences

Related (10): Degenerate, deviant, lecher, molester, fetishist, predator, sicko, stalker, voyeur, creep.

"Pervert" Example Sentences

1. I don't trust him, he always gives off a perverted vibe.
2. Her ex-boyfriend turned out to be a pervert who had been secretly recording their intimate moments.
3. I'm not going to watch that movie, it's just a perverted comedy.
4. The neighbor was caught spying on the women in the apartment building, what a pervert.
5. My friend was accused of being a pervert after he made inappropriate comments to a co-worker.
6. The teacher was fired after it was discovered he had been engaging in perverted behavior with his students.
7. His fetish for feet was seen as perverted by many of his friends.
8. The man on the train was exposing himself to passengers, a total pervert.
9. The perverted comments he made to the waitress landed him in hot water with the restaurant manager.
10. The author's novels were often criticized for their perverted themes.
11. The online chat room was full of perverts looking for sexual conversations.
12. The perverted art exhibit was shut down after many complaints from visitors.
13. The boss was accused of perverting justice by tampering with evidence.
14. The perverted doctor took advantage of his patients by engaging in sexual behavior during exams.
15. She felt violated and disgusted by the perverted text messages she received from her ex-boyfriend.
16. The politician was accused of perverting the truth by spreading false information about his opponent.
17. The perverted graffiti artist was arrested after defacing public property with obscene drawings.
18. The perverted coach was fired for engaging in sexual contact with underage athletes.
19. The man's perverted desires had to be kept in check by his therapist.
20. The perverted game show host was known for making inappropriate comments to contestants.
21. The pervert exposed himself to children at the park, causing outrage among parents.
22. The perverted novelist was banned from many bookstores for his graphic scenes of sexual violence.
23. Her perverted sense of humor often made people uncomfortable at social gatherings.
24. The perverted magazine publisher was criticized for featuring explicit images of women.
25. The comedian's perverted jokes were not well received by the conservative audience.
26. The perceptive detective knew the suspect was perverting the truth about his alibi.
27. The perverted artist was known for creating controversial pieces that challenged societal norms.
28. The perverted scientist's experiments were condemned for their unethical treatment of animals.
29. The perverted protester was arrested after showing up at a peaceful rally with obscene signs.
30. His perverted obsession with his cousin was the cause of much family tension.

Common Phases

1. "Stay away from that pervert; he's always leering at women."
2. "I caught him taking pictures of me; what a pervert."
3. "He made inappropriate comments about my body; what a pervert."
4. "I saw him peeping through my window last night; he's a pervert."
5. "He kept asking me if I wanted to engage in sexual activity; such a pervert."

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