Phial example sentences

Related (6): vial, ampoule, flask, pipette, dropper, container

"Phial" Example Sentences

1. The alchemist poured the elixir into the phial.
2. She carefully uncorked the phial containing the rare perfume.
3. The witch brewed her potion and stored it in the phial.
4. The phial was made of delicate glass and looked like a small bottle.
5. The adventurer carried a phial of holy water to protect him from evil spirits.
6. The apothecary filled the phial with medicine to cure the patient.
7. As she walked through the forest, she gathered mushrooms and put them in her phial.
8. The phial of magical dust sparkled in the moonlight.
9. The potion was so strong that only a few drops were needed from the phial.
10. The phial of poison was kept in a secure vault to avoid accidents.
11. The magician held the phial up to the light to see the swirling liquid within.
12. The phial of dragon's blood was said to have healing properties.
13. She used a phial of ink to sign the contract.
14. The phial of tears from a unicorn was said to bring good luck.
15. The phial containing the rare substance was heavily guarded.
16. The phial glowed with a soft golden light.
17. The phial was engraved with intricate designs.
18. The alchemist carefully measured the ingredients and poured them into the phial.
19. The phial contained a mysterious potion that no one knew the effects of.
20. The phial could only be opened with a special key.
21. The phial of mercury was highly valued by alchemists.
22. The phial shone in the sunlight, casting rainbows on the walls.
23. The phial of blood was a crucial piece of evidence in the murder investigation.
24. The phial of poison was used in an assassination attempt.
25. The phial of dragon's breath was said to be able to start a fire.
26. The phial of spider venom was used by assassins to kill their victims.
27. The phial of unicorn horn was said to have healing powers.
28. The phial of snake venom was used to make anti-venom.
29. The phial of scorpion poison was said to paralyze anyone who drank it.
30. The phial of liquid gold was said to have the power to turn anything it touched into solid gold.

Common Phases

1. "I filled the phial with the potent elixir;"
2. "The magician sent a phial of enchanted dust soaring through the air;"
3. "She carefully uncorked the phial and inhaled the soothing aroma;"
4. "The alchemist added a few drops from the phial to the boiling concoction;"
5. "He handed her the phial with a warning to use the potion sparingly;"
6. "The phial shattered on impact, spilling a noxious liquid all over his shoes;"
7. "The witch emptied the phial of the glowing liquid into the cauldron, causing it to bubble and hiss;"
8. "The phial tinkled sweetly as she placed it back on the shelf in the apothecary;"
9. "With a flick of his wrist, he opened the phial and released a cloud of glittering particles;"
10. "She clutched the phial tightly as she stepped into the dark and ominous forest."

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