Plumpness example sentences

Related (10): chubbiness, roundness, rotundity, curviness, fullness, fleshiness, corpulence, obesity, pudginess, portliness

"Plumpness" Example Sentences

1. The plumpness of the pumpkin made it perfect for carving a scary face.
2. She admired her plumpness in the mirror, feeling confident and beautiful.
3. The chef prided himself on the plumpness of his handmade dumplings.
4. The dress hugged her plumpness in all the right places, making her feel elegant.
5. The pillow's plumpness provided her with a comfortable and restful night's sleep.
6. His baby's chubby cheeks showed the plumpness of a happy and healthy child.
7. The watermelon's plumpness indicated that it was perfectly ripe and ready to eat.
8. The cushion's plumpness was quickly restored when she fluffed it up.
9. She couldn't resist the plumpness of the ripe grape and popped it into her mouth.
10. The baker's secret to the plumpness of his donuts was the extra yeast he added to the dough.
11. The baby's thighs displayed the perfect plumpness that only a little one could have.
12. The bird's plumpness revealed that it had been well fed and cared for.
13. His mother's cooking always resulted in the perfect plumpness of her fried chicken.
14. The tomatoes' plumpness indicated that they were bursting with flavor and juiciness.
15. The plumpness of the couch cushions added to the overall comfort of the living room.
16. The hiker's backpack bulged with the plumpness of the snacks and water he had packed.
17. The duck's plumpness made it the perfect meal for the Thanksgiving feast.
18. Her grandmother's secret to the plumpness of her apple pies was a touch of cinnamon and a sprinkle of sugar.
19. The succulent's plumpness was a sign that it needed to be watered less frequently.
20. She picked out the apples with the most plumpness for her apple pie recipe.
21. The baby lamb's plumpness made it appear even more adorable and cuddly.
22. The peach's plumpness indicated that it was at the peak of its sweetness.
23. The plumpness of the flower buds suggested that they were about to bloom in full splendor.
24. She was delighted by the plumpness of the strawberries at the farmer's market.
25. The plumpness of the baby's cheeks made everyone want to pinch them.
26. He savored the plumpness of the blackberries he picked from his backyard vine.
27. The pillow's plumpness was a result of the high-quality down filling.
28. The plumpness of the grapefruit made it a perfect healthy snack choice.
29. The baker carefully measured the ingredient ratios to ensure the plumpness of his cinnamon rolls.
30. The teapot's plumpness allowed for maximum tea steeping and flavor extraction.

Common Phases

1. Her plumpness was undeniable; she looked healthy and happy.
2. I couldn't resist her plumpness; I gave in and ate the entire cake.
3. His plumpness made him stand out in a crowd; he was hard to miss.
4. The cat's plumpness was a result of too many treats; we had to cut back.
5. She embraced her plumpness; she refused to conform to society's beauty standards.

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