Portage example sentences

Related (8): carry, transportation, trekking, haulage, conveyance, transfer, transit, shipment.

"Portage" Example Sentences

1. The portage of the canoes across the narrow strip of land was difficult but necessary.
2. We had to portage our kayaks around the rapids in order to continue down the river.
3. The Native Americans used portages to transport their canoes and goods from one body of water to another.
4. The portage trail was steep and rocky, making it a challenging climb for the hikers.
5. We had to carry our backpacks during the portage, which added extra weight to the already difficult task.
6. The portage was longer than we expected, and we were all exhausted by the time we reached the other side.
7. The portage around the dam was essential for the safety of the canoes and their passengers.
8. The portage route had markers indicating the path, making it easier for navigators to follow.
9. The portage was too dangerous to attempt at night, so we set up camp and waited until morning.
10. The portage area was shaded by tall trees, providing some relief from the hot sun.
11. The portage was a necessary evil, but we were all relieved when it was over.
12. The portage trail was well-maintained, with clear paths and sturdy bridges.
13. The portage proved to be more challenging than we anticipated, and we had to take frequent breaks.
14. The portage was narrow, and we had to be careful not to knock our equipment against the trees.
15. We had to portage our fishing gear over the rough terrain, which was tiring but worth it for the catch.
16. The portage was much easier on the return trip, as we had already found the best paths and knew what to expect.
17. During the portage, we had to dodge rocks and fallen trees on the path.
18. The portage was a shortcut to get to the other side of the lake more quickly.
19. We hired a local guide to help us navigate the portage, as they knew the area well.
20. The portage was a common route used by fur traders in the 1800s.
21. We had to wear sturdy shoes during the portage, as the rocky terrain was treacherous.
22. The portage was part of the adventure, and we all felt a sense of accomplishment when we completed it.
23. The portage allowed us to experience the wilderness in a unique way, as we had to carry everything with us.
24. The portage was the most challenging part of our trip, but also the most rewarding.
25. We could hear the rushing water of the rapids during the entire portage, making us excited for the next part of our journey.
26. The portage was an opportunity to bond with our fellow travelers, as we all had to work together to complete it.
27. The portage was a reminder of the hard work that went into exploring new areas in the past.
28. Despite the difficulties of the portage, we were all grateful for the beautiful scenery it exposed us to.
29. The portage was worth the effort, as it allowed us to travel to a secluded and serene part of the lake.
30. The portage was a humbling experience, reminding us of the strength and resilience required to explore nature.

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