Rabbinate example sentences

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"Rabbinate" Example Sentences

1. The rabbinate is responsible for providing religious leadership within the Jewish community.
2. The local rabbinate conducted a beautiful wedding ceremony in the synagogue.
3. The rabbinate oversees the kosher certification process in the city.
4. I aspired to become a member of the rabbinate someday.
5. The rabbinate issued a statement condemning the recent hate crimes.
6. The rabbinate played a prominent role in the building of the new community center.
7. Many young people are not interested in pursuing a career in the rabbinate.
8. The rabbinate must adhere to strict religious guidelines and laws.
9. I consulted with the rabbinate before making any major decisions in my life.
10. The rabbinate organized a community-wide charity event to benefit the less fortunate.
11. Many people seek guidance and advice from the rabbinate on personal matters.
12. The rabbinate is a respected institution in the Jewish community.
13. The rabbinate has historically exerted significant political influence in Israel.
14. The rabbinate has been criticized for being too conservative in its views on social issues.
15. The rabbinate's decision on matters of Jewish law is often final and binding.
16. Many rabbinical schools offer a rigorous program of study for those interested in joining the rabbinate.
17. The rabbinate is composed of learned scholars and religious leaders.
18. The rabbinate plays a key role in the preservation and transmission of Jewish tradition and culture.
19. The rabbinate often works closely with other religious leaders to promote interfaith dialogue and understanding.
20. The rabbinate has been at the forefront of efforts to combat anti-Semitism and hate speech.
21. The rabbinate is a significant voice in the Jewish diaspora community.
22. The rabbinate is responsible for training and ordaining new rabbis.
23. Many members of the rabbinate have dedicated their lives to serving their communities.
24. The rabbinate's role in society has evolved over time, reflecting changing cultural and political realities.
25. The rabbinate operates according to a set of strict ethical standards.
26. The rabbinate is committed to promoting social justice and human rights.
27. The rabbinate serves as a point of connection and support for Jewish communities around the world.
28. The rabbinate is deeply committed to advancing Jewish education and scholarship.
29. The rabbinate seeks to cultivate a sense of unity and purpose among members of the Jewish community.
30. The rabbinate has a long and storied history, spanning centuries and continents.

Common Phases

1. "I applied for the rabbinate position last week; I'm still waiting to hear back."
2. "I was ordained by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel in 2010; it was a great honor."
3. "The local rabbinate will be hosting a community event next month; I can't wait to attend."
4. "My grandfather served as the head of the rabbinate in our town for over 30 years; he was deeply respected."
5. "The rabbinate has issued a new ruling regarding kosher certification; it has caused some controversy."

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