Rabies example sentences

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"Rabies" Example Sentences

1. The dog had to be put down due to rabies infection.
2. Rabies is a deadly virus that affects the nervous system of mammals.
3. Vaccinating your pets is the best way to prevent rabies.
4. The bite of a rabid animal can transmit the rabies virus.
5. Symptoms of rabies in humans include fever, headache, and muscle weakness.
6. Wildlife such as raccoons and bats are common carriers of rabies.
7. Dogs and cats should be kept indoors to reduce the risk of exposure to rabies.
8. Neglecting to seek treatment for rabies can lead to a very painful and fatal end.
9. People who work with animals are at a higher risk of contracting rabies.
10. Rabies is more common in developing countries due to lack of vaccination programs.
11. Quarantine is necessary for animals suspected of having rabies.
12. Rabies can be prevented through a series of vaccinations.
13. If you see a potentially rabid animal, do not approach it and contact animal control.
14. The rabies virus attacks the central nervous system, leading to aggression and disorientation.
15. Rabies is still a major public health threat in many parts of the world.
16. Rabies has been eradicated in many developed countries through vaccination programs.
17. Treatment for rabies requires a series of injections to prevent the virus from spreading.
18. Rabies can be transmitted through contact with infected saliva or brain tissue.
19. Proper wound care and administration of rabies vaccine are crucial after exposure to a potentially rabid animal.
20. If you suspect you have been exposed to rabies, seek medical attention immediately.
21. Rabies is a notifiable disease, which means it must be reported to health officials.
22. People in rural areas are at a higher risk of contracting rabies due to increased exposure to wildlife.
23. It is important to keep your pets up-to-date on their rabies vaccinations.
24. Veterinarians are required to report any suspected cases of rabies to public health officials.
25. Rabies outbreaks can occur in wildlife populations, leading to increased risk of exposure for humans and pets.
26. In some cases, post-exposure prophylaxis for rabies can prevent the virus from taking hold.
27. Rabies vaccination for travelers is recommended in areas where the disease is prevalent.
28. In most cases, once symptoms of rabies appear in humans, it is too late for treatment.
29. A fear of water, or hydrophobia, is a classic symptom of rabies in humans.
30. Rabies can be transmitted from mother to offspring in some species of animals.

Common Phases

1) "I heard that raccoon had rabies";
2) "The veterinarian gave him a rabies shot";
3) "Rabies is a deadly virus";
4) "We need to keep our pets vaccinated against rabies";
5) "I'm afraid I might have contracted rabies from that bat";
6) "There was a rabies outbreak in our area";
7) "The symptoms of rabies can be terrifying";
8) "She had to undergo treatment for rabies after being bitten by a stray dog";
9) "It's important to report any suspected cases of rabies to local authorities".

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