Rapturous example sentences

Related (5): Ecstatic, euphoric, transported, exultant, overjoyed.

"Rapturous" Example Sentences

1. The crowd greeted the pop star with rapturous applause.
2. The rapturous reception from the audience filled her with joy.
3. His performance received rapturous reviews from the critics.
4. The baby's smile elicited rapturous coos from the grandparents.
5. The couple was met with rapturous cheers when they announced their engagement.
6. She read the rapturous love letters from her long-lost sweetheart.
7. The audience showed rapturous enthusiasm for the stars of the show.
8. The rapturous reception inspired him to keep pursuing his dreams.
9. The opera singer was greeted with rapturous ovations at the end of the performance.
10. The rapturous cries of joy filled the stadium.
11. Their wedding ceremony ended to rapturous applause and cheers.
12. His book was met with rapturous praise and glowing reviews.
13. The rapturous cheers drowned out the announcer's voice.
14. She descended the stairs to a rapturous welcome from the assembled guests.
15. The athletes were welcomed home with a rapturous celebration.
16. They watched the fireworks display with rapturous delight.
17. The film received rapturous critical acclaim.
18. The legendary athlete received a rapturous welcome at the ceremony.
19. The long-awaited kiss was met with rapturous cheers from the audience.
20. The athletes enjoyed a rapturous homecoming celebration.
21. Millions watched their fairy tale wedding with rapturous joy.
22. The audience listened to the speech with rapturous enthusiasm.
23. She read the poetry with rapturous emotion.
24. Her performance elicited rapturous applause.
25. The sight of his children filled him with rapturous happiness.
26. The excited crowd greeted the victorious team with rapturous cheering.
27. The audience responded to the play with rapturous laughter.
28. She recalled their first kiss with rapturous joy.
29. The successful mission was met with rapturous jubilation.
30. The child greeted her parents with a rapturous hug.
31. The fans showed rapturous devotion to their favorite team.
32. His fans greeted his return with rapturous excitement.
33. Their joyful reunion was marked by rapturous embraces.
34. The play received rapturous reviews from the critics.
35. The royal couple was greeted with rapturous celebrations.
36. The legendary star received a rapturous welcome from her adoring fans.
37. The excited dog greeted its owner with rapturous enthusiasm.
38. The audience responded with rapturous ovations.
39. They watched the sunrise with rapturous wonder.
40. Their reunion after years apart was marked by rapturous declarations of love.
41. The gymnast's gold medal performance was met with rapturous cheering.
42. The audience listened to the music with rapturous delight.
43. Her return home was greeted with rapturous celebrations.
44. The athletes ran into the waiting arms of their rapturous fans.
45. Their joyful reunion was marked by rapturous kisses.
46. The veteran actor received a rapturous standing ovation.
47. The audience greeted the victorious contestant with rapturous applause.
48. She listened to the beautiful music with rapturous wonder.
49. The child greeted the puppy with rapturous laughter.
50. The astronaut's return home was greeted with rapturous celebrations.

Common Phases

1. The audience greeted the performance with rapturous applause.
2. The fans cheered rapturously for their favorite band.
3. His reception from the adoring crowd was rapturous.
4. I listened to the music with rapture.
5. The reception at the party was rapturous.
6. The critic praised the performance with rapturous words.
7. She read his love letter with rapturous delight.
8. He recounted the story with rapturous glee.
9. The child embraced her puppy with rapturous joy.
10. The lovely sunset filled her with rapturous wonder.
11. The teacher praised the student's poem in rapturous tones.
12. She gazed at the view with rapturous amazement.
13. They welcomed the news with rapturous celebration.
14. His rapturous gaze was focused only on her.
15. The sight of her filled him with rapturous happiness.
16. She spoke of travel in rapturous terms.
17. The actor received rapturous praise for his performance.
18. Her joyful laugh was rapturous.
19. He spoke of his adventure with rapturous wonder.
20. The audience applauded rapturously for an encore.
21. Rapture filled her voice as she spoke of him.
22. His kind words filled her with rapturous gratitude.
23. They gazed at the sky with rapturous wonder.
24. She contemplated the view in rapturous silence.
25. The little girl's discovery filled her with rapturous glee.
26. The singer's performance elicited rapturous screams from the fans.
27. The dancer floated across the stage in rapturous joy.
28. They greeted the news with rapturous tears of joy.
29. She loved him with rapturous passion.
30. He retold the story with rapturous enthusiasm.
31. A rapturous smile lit up her face.
32. The cheers of the crowd were rapturous.
33. The peaceful landscape filled him with rapturous calm.
34. She kissed him with rapturous abandon.
35. The children sang with rapturous delight.
36. Her joy knew no bounds, rapturous and eternal.
37. The sun-filled garden created a rapturous mood.
38. The critic showered rapturous praise on the artist.
39. She spoke of sunsets in rapturous tones.
40. Their reunion was rapturous.
41. The author used rapturous language to describe the idyllic scene.
42. The audience rose to their feet in rapturous applause.
43. The admirer gazed at her with rapturous longing.
44. The child played with rapturous abandon.
45. The song filled her with rapturous memories.
46. Rapture illuminated their joyous faces.
47. His poem evoked rapturous admiration from the listeners.
48. Fans cheered rapturously for their favorite celebrity.
49. She gazed out at the sea in rapturous wonder.
50. The lovers embraced in rapturous bliss.
51. Her voice was filled with rapturous joy.
52. The garden inspired rapturous thoughts.
53. The author's discourse evoked rapturous visions.
54. They greeted the news with rapturous laughter.
55. I listened rapturously to the melody.
56. Rapture filled her soul as she danced.
57. The crowd gave a rapturous reception to the author.
58. She described the vista in rapturous terms.
59. The poem evoked rapturous feelings.
60. The film transported viewers to a state of rapturous wonder.

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