Research example sentences

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"Research" Example Sentences

1. I am conducting research on the effects of social media on mental health.
2. Several scholars have published research on the history of ancient civilizations.
3. The laboratory is equipped with the necessary tools for conducting scientific research.
4. The research team was awarded a grant to continue their studies on renewable energy.
5. The company invested millions of dollars in research and development for their new product.
6. He spent years doing research on the causes of climate change.
7. The research findings were published in a prestigious academic journal.
8. The scientist presented her research at a conference attended by hundreds of experts in her field.
9. The study's research methodology was questioned by several critics.
10. The research project aimed to improve the quality of life for elderly individuals living in nursing homes.
11. The research indicated that there was a strong correlation between physical exercise and mental health.
12. The team's research showed that the use of technology in the classroom had a positive impact on student motivation.
13. She is currently conducting research on the impact of poverty on academic achievement.
14. The research report concluded that more funding was needed to combat the spread of infectious diseases.
15. The research analyzed data from over 10,000 participants.
16. The research team used a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods to collect and analyze data.
17. His research paper was well-received by his professor, who commended him for his innovative ideas.
18. The research project was inspired by the need to address a pressing social issue.
19. The research conducted by the team was groundbreaking and received international acclaim.
20. The company's success is due in part to their investment in cutting-edge research and development.
21. The new drug underwent years of rigorous research and testing before it was approved for use by the FDA.
22. The research project was funded by a government grant aimed at supporting innovative research in the field of biotechnology.
23. The research team collaborated with experts from around the globe to gather data for their study.
24. The research findings contradict previous studies on the same topic.
25. The research assistant helped collect data for the study and was credited in the final report.
26. The research project was put on hold due to budget constraints.
27. The research team presented their findings to the company's board of directors, who were impressed with their work.
28. The research was conducted over a period of several months and involved a team of researchers from different disciplines.
29. The research paper provided a comprehensive review of the literature on the topic of climate change.
30. The research project was criticized for its lack of diversity among study participants.

Common Phases

not include examples or definitions.

1. Conducting extensive research;
2. Analyzing research data;
3. Reviewing past research studies;
4. Gathering research materials;
5. Developing a research methodology;
6. Evaluating research findings;
7. Synthesizing research outcomes;
8. Consensus-building through research;
9. Designing a research project;
10. Implementing research protocols.

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