Salaries example sentences

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"Salaries" Example Sentences

1. Salaries for teachers vary greatly depending on the state.
2. High salaries often attract top talent.
3. The company offers competitive salaries and benefits.
4. He was promoted and received a higher salary.
5. The CEO's annual salary was over a million dollars.
6. The employees demanded a raise in their salaries.
7. The government set minimum wage salaries for certain industries.
8. The negotiation included discussing salaries and bonuses.
9. The company had to cut salaries due to budget constraints.
10. The athlete's salary was one of the highest in the league.
11. The company offered a signing bonus in addition to a salary.
12. She was satisfied with her starting salary at the new job.
13. The CEO's salary package included stock options and bonuses.
14. Many people change jobs for better salaries and benefits.
15. The union negotiated for higher salaries and improved working conditions.
16. The company benchmarked salaries against industry standards.
17. Public sector salaries are often lower than those in the private sector.
18. The company was criticized for paying its executives exorbitant salaries.
19. The company gave annual raises to employees based on performance and market salaries.
20. The CEO's salary was a major topic of controversy at the shareholder meeting.
21. Professional athletes often earn salaries that are higher than the average American's lifetime earnings.
22. The company implemented a salary freeze due to economic uncertainty.
23. The union threatened to strike if the company did not negotiate higher salaries.
24. The company conducted a salary survey to ensure pay equity across demographics.
25. The job posting listed the salary range for the position.
26. The newly hired employee negotiated a higher starting salary.
27. The company offered flexible working hours in lieu of higher salaries.
28. The company provided additional training and development opportunities in lieu of higher salaries.
29. The company's compensation package included a base salary, bonuses, and benefits.
30. The company conducted bi-annual salary reviews to ensure competitiveness with the market.
31. The sales team was incentivized with a commission on top of their base salary.
32. The company implemented a salary cap to control costs.
33. The government offered tax breaks to companies that paid salaries above a certain threshold.
34. The company used a third-party consulting firm to determine market salaries.
35. The company provided salary adjustments for employees who outperformed expectations.
36. The company had a salary reduction policy in case of a financial crisis.
37. The company increased salaries for frontline workers during the pandemic.
38. The company's employees lobbied for a salary increase to keep up with cost of living.
39. The company offered a salary match program for employee donations to charity.
40. The company was recognized for its fair and equitable salary practices.

Common Phases

1. The company offers competitive salaries for its employees.
2. Most professionals aim to negotiate higher salaries.
3. The government has announced an increase in salaries for civil servants.
4. Low salaries can lead to high turnover rates.
5. It's important to research average salaries before accepting a job offer.
6. Many people feel undervalued in their jobs due to low salaries.
7. Employers should be transparent about their salaries to promote fair pay.
8. Some companies offer bonuses on top of salaries to incentivize employees.
9. Negotiating for better salaries can help close the gender pay gap.
10. High salaries in certain industries can attract top talent.

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