Scarcity example sentences

Related (9): shortage, rareness, insufficiency, dearth, inadequacy, paucity, deficiency, rarity, lack

"Scarcity" Example Sentences

1. Due to the scarcity of resources, rationing was implemented.
2. Rising prices are often caused by scarcity in the supply of goods.
3. Artificial scarcity is created by companies to drive up demand.
4. Famine is often caused by food scarcity due to drought, war, or other factors.
5. Fears of future resource scarcity is driving investment in renewable energy.
6. Urban sprawl leads to land scarcity in cities.
7. Water scarcity is becoming a major problem throughout the world.
8. The law of supply and demand states that as scarcity increases, prices tend to rise.
9. Agricultural scientists are working on ways to address food scarcity issues.
10. Companies have to adjust their business strategies to account for increasing raw material scarcity.
11. Population growth continues to exacerbate resource scarcity problems worldwide.
12. Scarcity of fertile farmland is a major limitation for expanding food production.
13. Conservation efforts aim to reduce resource scarcity for future generations.
14. Droughts worsened existing problems of water scarcity in many areas.
15. Food insecurity and hunger are tied to the scarcity of affordable food.
16. Traffic congestion is caused by increasing scarcity of road capacity.
17. Metal scarcity is pushing companies to find alternative materials.
18. Jobs scarcity in the region has led many to leave in search of work.
19. Competition for resources increases as scarcity becomes more of an issue.
20. The pillars of economics study how societies deal with resource scarcity.
21. Technological innovation is needed to address things like energy scarcity.
22. Scarcity can breed conflict among competing groups and nations.
23. Governments implement rationing during times of extreme resource scarcity.
24. Oil scarcity has nations racing to secure future energy supplies.
25. Poverty often correlates strongly with housing and job scarcity.
26. Land reclamation projects aim to address land scarcity for development.
27. Calls for population control cite resource scarcity as a concern.
28. Economists debate if scarcity is an inherent condition or a social construct.
29. New technologies are reducing information scarcity in today's world.
30. The issue of wealth inequality is tied to scarcity of economic opportunity.
31. Experts warn of coming scarcity of crucial rare earth minerals.
32. Companies have faced increasing scarcity of skilled workers.
33. Urban vegetable gardens are growing due to food scarcity in some cities.
34. Reusable materials reduce waste and scarcity of raw materials.
35. Natural monopolies exist when there is inherent scarcity in supply.
36. Government policies have attempted to mitigate affordable housing scarcity.
37. Drought conditions led to scarcity of irrigation water for farmers.
38. Shortages in key supplies have disrupted production due to materials scarcity.
39. Population control advocates argue overpopulation leads to resource scarcity.
40. Hurricanes and major storms increase scarcity of essential goods.
41. Gradual resource depletion is creating problems of material scarcity.
42. Price ceilings fail to alleviate scarcity in markets where supply is constrained.
43. Economic growth faces limitations due to natural resource scarcity.
44. Urban planners debate ideas to address land scarcity in expanding cities.
45. Social pressures rise during times of significant resource scarcity.
46. Innovations aim to reduce problems of phosphorus scarcity for agriculture.
47. Perceived scarcity can easily become self-fulfilling due to hoarding and panic.
48. Solutions to address problems of job scarcity remain elusive.
49. Discussions of human rights often focus on scarcity of basic necessities.
50. Efforts to increase supply aim to reduce scarcity and its negative effects.
51. Local food systems developed to address problems of food scarcity.
52. Economists debate if technological innovation can solve problems of resource scarcity.
53. Experts called for action to mitigate increasing water scarcity.
54. Discussions of sustainability must account for problems of resource scarcity.
55. Solutions to educational scarcity focus on increasing access and capacity.
56. Goods shortages arose due to scarcity of essential raw materials.
57. Growing populations strain resource availability and exacerbate scarcity issues.
58. Vacancy shortages arose due to scarcity of affordable housing units.
59. Income inequality is thought to stem partially from scarcity of economic opportunity.
60. The free market aims to allocate resources efficiently under conditions of scarcity.

Common Phases

1. Scarcity of resources
2. Scarcity of goods
3. Scarcity of jobs
4. Scarcity of supplies
5. Scarcity of opportunities
6. Because of resource scarcity
7. There is scarcity of
8. There is a scarcity of
9. Conditions of scarcity
10. Due to scarcity
11. In times of scarcity
12. Caused by scarcity
13. Result of scarcity
14. Problems of scarcity
15. Issues of scarcity
16. Issues arising from scarcity
17. Addressing scarcity
18. Mitigate/reduce scarcity
19. Alleviate conditions of scarcity
20. Brought about by scarcity

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