Scorch example sentences

Related (6): Burn, singe, sear, char, blaze, incinerate.

"Scorch" Example Sentences

1. The sun scorched the earth dry during the long summer.
2. The flames scorched the sides of the buildings as the fire spread rapidly.
3. The hot iron scorched the fabric, leaving a large brown stain.
4. The asphalt path scorched the soles of their feet in the sweltering heat.
5. The desert winds scorched her cheeks until they were raw and painful.
6. The brush fire scorched acres of land as it burned out of control.
7. The forest fire scorched everything in its path, leaving only ashes behind.
8. The hot pan scorched her hand when she accidently touched it.
9. The cigarette burned my fingers and scorched the hem of my shirt.
10. The scorch marks on the wall told the story of the fire that burned there.
11. The cigarette left a scorched hole in the sofa cushion.
12. The road seemed to scorch their tires as they drove along in the midday heat.
13. The plane's exhaust scorched the grass as it took off down the runway.
14. The harsh spices scorched her tongue and lips as she took a bite.
15. His temper scorched across the room like a wildfire.
16. The hot engine block scorched the plastic covering on the wires.
17. The soldiers were scorched and exhausted after marching through the desert.
18. Her throat felt scorched and dry after yelling at the game all afternoon.
19. The trail left by the meteorite scorched the earth as it fell from the sky.
20. Their feet had been scorched and blistered from walking so many miles.
21. The chemicals scorched his skin and irritated his eyes.
22. The exhaust from the rockets scorched the earth below.
23. His harsh words scorched my innocent ears and stung my tender heart.
24. The laser beam scorched a black line across the wall.
25. The sun scorched the paint causing it to peel and fade prematurely.
26. The hot metal pipe scorched his hands when he accidently touched it.
27. His stomach felt scorched by the overly spicy curry he had eaten.
28. The sunlight scorched the earth, leaving it parched and cracked.
29. The assassin's flamethrower scorched his enemies as they ran from him.
30. Their brows scorched and beaded with sweat from working in the heat.
31. The attack helicopters flew low, scorching the enemy camp with machine gun fire.
32. The park was scorched and lifeless after the wildfire passed through.
33. The candle's flame scorched the tablecloth, leaving a blackened hole.
34. The boy's eyes still scorched with unshed tears from remembering the accident.
35. The city below them scorched under the boiling sun.
36. The soldier's uniform was scorched and tattered after days of fighting.
37. The pilot scorched the landing strip as he made an emergency landing.
38. The cigarettes constantly scorched her throat and lungs.
39. The blistering sun scorched their backs as they worked in the fields all day.
40. The blast wave from the bomb scorched everything within a mile.
41. The sauce scorched the pan and left a residue that had to be scrubbed off.
42. The comet's tail scorched the atmosphere as it passed by the earth.
43. The sun scorched the crops leaving the farmer with a sparse harvest.
44. The lynch mob's torches scorched the prisoner before they hanged him.
45. The baking tar on the road scorched the bottom of his feet.
46. The stone had been scorched into oblivion by a terrible fire.
47. The child's tongue was scorched and swollen from licking the frozen pole.
48. Their throats felt scorched from yelling over the noise at the concert.
49. The fire scorched the side of the mountain, blackening thousands of acres.
50. The hot flame from the torch scorched his skin as he passed it over his arm.
51. The gas stove's flames scorched the bottom of the pan beyond repair.
52. His insults were meant to scorch and wound.
53. Standing near the blast furnace scorched his exposed skin.
54. The high Octane fuel in the racecar scorched the track as it went around the turns at 200 mph.
55. The fierce sun scorched the landscape, blighting crops and withering grass.
56. The rocket's exhaust trail scorched the air as it sped into outer space.
57. The bomb dropped from the plane scorched the land below, leaving no survivors.
58. The napalm dropped from aircrafts scorched everything within reach.
59. Smoke billowed over the valley from fields and forests scorched by wildfire.
60. The hot coffee scorched his tongue when he took a sip before it had cooled.

Common Phases

1. scorched earth - an area destroyed completely, leaving nothing but bare earth
2. scorched to a crisp - damaged severely from high heat, typically to the point of being burnt through
3. scorching heat - extremely hot temperature that causes discomfort and harm
4. scorching remark/comment - a critical or hurtful remark meant to severely damage one's reputation or self-esteem
5. scorching speed - at an extremely fast pace
6. hot enough to scorch - so hot that it causes damage from burning or singeing
7. get scorched - to suffer damage from exposure to high temperature
8. leave scorch marks - to cause burn marks from high heat
9. suffer scorching criticism - to endure severe and harsh criticism
10. scorch the turf - to run at a blazingly fast pace
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