Scorching example sentences

Related (10): hot, blazing, boiling, torrid, searing, sweltering, fiery, burning, sultry, scalding.

"Scorching" Example Sentences

1. The scorching summer sun beat down on the city.
2. The desert landscape glowed under the scorching rays of the sun.
3. The scorching heat wave had left the grass dry and brown.
4. The asphalt roads reflected the scorching heat back into the air.
5. The bottom of my feet felt the scorching heat from the sidewalk.
6. The scorching flames climbed up the sides of the building.
7. The fire left behind a scorched and smoldering ruin after its scorching path through the forest.
8. The cabin smelled of woodsmoke after being scorched by the fire.
9. The firefighters struggled to contain the scorching wildfire as it spread rapidly through the countryside.
10. Under the scorching glare of the spotlights, the political candidate wiped sweat from his brow.
11. The reporter's question received a scorching reply from the irritated business executive.
12. The scorching critique left the author feeling dejected and discouraged.
13. The scorching memoir exposed deep family secrets and shattered relationships.
14. The book received scorching reviews upon its publication.
15. The angry editor's notes included a scorching indictment of the manuscript's poor grammar and cliches.
16. After reading the scorching comments on social media, she wondered if the play had really been that bad.
17. The scorching winds blew sand and grit into every crack and crevice.
18. The scorching gas flames were turned up high under the industrial pots.
19. Despite applying sunscreen, her skin still turned an angry red under the scorching afternoon sun.
20. He could still feel the scorching pain of the bullet wound many years later.
21. Her scorching criticism left him feeling like a failure.
22. Under the scorching Afghan sun, the soldiers struggled through their patrol.
23. The scorching pepper made his eyes water and his throat burn.
24. The children stared longingly at the icy treats in the shop window, escaping the scorching midday heat.
25. They hurried to complete the work before the sun's scorching rays bore down on them.
26. The scorching flames threatened to consume the entire photography studio.
27. The land was left charred and scorched by the wildfire's path.
28. The ballot papers were carefully checked under the scorching glare of the ultraviolet lamp.
29. The scorching wind whipped sand into their faces as they drove across the desert.
30. The pop star's personal life came under scorching media scrutiny after the rumor spread.
31. The news article contained a scorching critique of the city's lack of action on the homeless crisis.
32. They trudged through the desert under the scorching sun.
33. The child stumbled, his bare feet scorched by the hot pavement.
34. The scorching sun beat down on their exposed necks as they worked in the fields.
35. The elderly woman shielded her eyes from the scorching midday sun with a wrinkled hand.
36. Under the scorching glare of the media spotlight, the politician's misdeeds were finally exposed.
37. The writer's scorching essays earned him many enemies in high places.
38. She endured his scorching remarks with silent dignity.
39.The flames leapt from roof to roof, leaving a path of scorched buildings behind them.
40. The scorching breeze felt like a breath from a furnace.
41.The scorching heat caused the tar on the roads to soften and bubble.
42. The scorching flames consumed the barn in minutes, leaving nothing but ashes and embers.
43. The scorching midday sun beat down relentlessly.
44. Their faces were burnt red by the scorching December sun.
45. The noonday sun beat down with scorching ferocity.
46. The scorching blaze spread rapidly through the dry brush.
47. The scorching glare of the spotlight left the musician momentarily blinded.
48. The scorching heat caused the guards to become lethargic and unfocused.
49. His scorching remarks left me speechless with shock and anger.
50. The scorching flames licked at the sides of the wooden cabin.
51. She shielded her eyes from the scorching glare of the stage lights.
52. The scorching wind whipped sand into every exposed inch of skin.
53. After the scorching review, he vowed never to show his writing to anyone again.
54. The scorching Arizona sun beat down mercilessly.
55. The scorching heatwave lasted for weeks on end.
56. Their tongues burnt from eating the notoriously scorching curry.
57. The scorching path of the wildfire left little but ashes and devastation in its wake.
58. The scorching August weather left them wanting nothing more than to escape to the beach.
59. The scorching flames mercilessly consumed everything in their path.
60. The winds were scorching hot as they blew in from the desert.

Common Phases

1. under the scorching sun - Used to describe someone or something exposed to very hot sun.
2. scorching heat - Intense, sweltering heat.
3. scorching flames - Strong, very hot flames that burn quickly.
4. scorching temperatures - Extremely high temperatures.
5. scorching criticism - Harsh, unforgiving criticism.
6. scorching glare - An intense, piercing stare.
7. scorching winds - Very hot, dry winds.
8. left scorched and charred - Severely burnt and damaged by fire or heat.
9. scorching days - Extremely hot, sweltering days.
10. scorching remarks - Strongly insulting and offensive comments.

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