Scourged example sentences

Related (8): punished, beaten, lashed, tormented, afflicted, chastised, flagellated, plagued.

"Scourged" Example Sentences

1. The town was scourged by a deadly plague.
2. The population had been scourged by famine for years.
3. The people had been scourged by oppression under a tyrannical leader.
4. The land had been scourged by floods and storms that year.
5. Medieval Europe was scourged by the Black Death.
6. The slave's back was scourged with the whip.
7. The prisoner was scourged with lashes as punishment.
8. He used the whip to scourge the stragglers back into line.
9. The disciples were scourged before crucifixion.
10. Jesus was scourged at the pillar before his crucifixion.
11. The slaves were often scourged as punishment.
12. His conscience scourged him for betraying his friend.
13. Her guilty conscience scourged her for years.
14. Remorse scourged his soul for the crime he committed.
15. The memories scourged his mind and kept him awake at night.
16. She was scourged by regret for how she treated her mother.
17. Guilt scourged her inwardly for lying to her best friend.
18. His misdeeds scourged his thoughts and filled him with shame.
19. Shame scourged him for the wrong he had done.
20. The nation had been scourged by corrupt and immoral leaders.
21. The people had been scourged by war and violence for far too long.
22. The land had been scourged by locusts that year, leaving little harvest.
23. His past sins scourged his conscience and gave him little peace.
24. The city had been scourged by a tyrannical dictator for years.
25. The demons scourged his mind and body, leaving him in constant agony.
26. Their consciences scourged them for remaining silent in the face of injustice.
27. The villagers had been scourged by drought and crop failure.
28. The tribe had been scourged by disease and death since the spirits were angered.
29. His worst memories scourged his thoughts, keeping him awake at night.
30. Regret scourged her mind as she thought of all the things she had left undone.
31. Her past mistakes scourged her conscience and filled her with sorrow.
32. Remorseful memories scourged his soul and kept him from finding peace.
33. Slavery had scourged the population for generations.
34. Oppression had scourged the culture for too long.
35. Her wicked stepmother scourged her daily with cruel words and punishments.
36. The citizens had been scourged under the tyrant's harsh rule for years.
37. The memories of that time still scourged his thoughts many years later.
38. The villagers were scourged for worshipping the "wrong" god.
39. The criminal was scourged as part of his legal punishment.
40. Self-loathing scourged her emotions and kept her from ever feeling at peace.
41. Shame and guilt scourged her for the mistakes of her youth.
42. Regret scourged her soul for not spending more time with her dying mother.
43. The demons within him constantly scourged his mind with self-doubt.
44. His addiction scourged his spirit and left him feeling hollow inside.
45. Memories of her painful past still scourged her mind decades later.
46. Memories of that day still scourged his mind years after the event.
47. The abusive father scourged his children daily with cruelty and violence.
48. The dictator's rule had scourged the country for decades.
49. The harsh taskmaster scourged his servants mercilessly.
50. His alcoholism scourged his family and ruined his life.
51. The corrupt leaders had scourged the economy for years.
52. Remorse scourged his soul for the injury he had inflicted on another.
53. Self-hatred scourged her emotions and left her miserable.
54. Shame scourged his spirit for the wrong he had done.
55. Her demons of regret continued to scourge her conscience for decades.
56. Memories of that day continued to scourge his mind years later.
57. His guilty conscience scourged him daily and left him no peace.
58. Tyrannical rulers had scourged the population for generations.
59. The horrible memories still scourged his mind years after the event.
60. Regret scourged her soul daily for not telling her father she loved him one last time.

Common Phases

1. scourged by regret
2. scourged by guilt
3. scourged by memories
4. scourged by a guilty conscience
5. scourged by demons (figurative)
6. scourged by shame
7. scourged by the whip (literal whipping)
8. scourged by oppression

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