Scourger example sentences

Related (14): punisher, tormentor, critic, reproacher, flagellant, lash, chastiser, disciplinarian, castigator, inflictor, flogger, whipper, censurer, moralist


[ˈskərjər] ✕ Play

scourger (noun) · scourgers (plural noun)

  - a person who whips someone:

"Scourger" Example Sentences

1. The scourger mercilessly lashed the prisoner's back.
2. As a scourger of injustice, she fought tirelessly for equal rights.
3. The king appointed him as the royal scourger, responsible for enforcing punishment in the kingdom.
4. The scourger's whip left welts on the criminal's skin.
5. Despite being a scourger herself, she was surprised at the severity of the punishment.
6. The slaves feared the cruel scourger who punished them for even small mistakes.
7. The crowd jeered at the scourger as he carried out the sentence.
8. The queen was disgusted by the scourger's methods and ordered his dismissal.
9. The scourger's job was not for the faint of heart, as it often involved violence and bloodshed.
10. The scourger's reputation for brutality preceded him wherever he went.
11. The scourger's whip cracked through the air, causing everyone to flinch.
12. The scourger's duty was to ensure that justice was served, no matter the cost.
13. After years of being a scourger, she began to question the morality of her actions.
14. The scourger's victims often resented him but had no choice but to obey.
15. The scourger was a necessary evil in a society that deemed punishment necessary for any wrongdoing.
16. The scourger's black robes and hood made him a fearsome sight.
17. The scourger's job was to exact the law, not to question its morality.
18. The condemned man looked up at the scourger with loathing, knowing what was about to come.
19. The scourger's whip was soaked in vinegar to make the pain even more excruciating.
20. The scourger was not above taking bribes to alleviate punishment.
21. The scourger's hands trembled as he prepared to carry out his duty.
22. The scourger's reputation was such that even the most hardened criminals feared him.
23. Despite his job as a scourger, he was known for his compassion and often helped those he punished to rebuild their lives.
24. The scourger's gloves were made of tough leather to protect his hands from the lashing they inflicted.
25. The scourger's eyes were cold and pitiless, showing no mercy to those who had erred.
26. The scourger's whip was made of braided silk, a sign of his high status.
27. The scourger was often the subject of rumors and legends, making him a figure of terror to many.
28. Even as a child, she knew she wanted to become a scourger and punish those who broke the law.
29. The scourger's job was one of secrecy, his identity often known by only a select few.
30. The scourger's presence in the courtroom was enough to silence even the bravest defendant.

Common Phases

1. The scourger looked upon his victim with disdain;
2. The scourger delivered his punishment with precision;
3. The scourger relished in the suffering of others;
4. The scourger was feared by all who knew him;
5. The scourger's wrath was unmatched.

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