Scourgers example sentences

Related (10): punishers, tormentors, flagellators, lashers, chastisers, whippers, castigators, disciplinarians, retributors, avengers.

"Scourgers" Example Sentences

1. The scourgers were merciless as they whipped the prisoners.
2. In ancient times, scourgers were hired as executioners.
3. The king's punishment involved being subjected to the scourgers' lashes.
4. The scourgers were well-trained in using their whips.
5. The prisoners feared the scourgers more than anything else.
6. The scourgers' tasks were brutal and often left scars on the victims.
7. The scourgers took pride in their work, as it brought them respect and fear.
8. The scourgers were not allowed to show mercy, no matter the circumstance.
9. The sound of the scourgers' whips echoed throughout the dungeon.
10. The sight of the scourgers was enough to put fear into anyone's heart.
11. The scourgers wore dark hoods to hide their identities.
12. The scourgers' reputation was known far and wide throughout the land.
13. The prisoners prayed that they would never have to face the scourgers again.
14. The scourgers' techniques varied based on their preference and the crimes committed.
15. The scourgers were often hired to punish those who had committed heinous crimes.
16. The scourgers were revered by some and feared by many.
17. The scourgers' presence alone could make even the bravest man tremble.
18. The scourgers took pleasure in inflicting pain on their victims.
19. The prisoners begged for mercy, but the scourgers remained steadfast in their duties.
20. The scourgers did not discriminate between men and women - everyone was punished.
21. The scourgers were only employed for the most severe punishments.
22. The prisoners could hear the scourgers' footsteps approaching, sending shivers down their spines.
23. The scourgers were given complete control over the prisoners' punishment.
24. The scourgers were carefully chosen for their skill and lack of empathy.
25. The prisoners often had nightmares about the scourgers long after they were released.
26. The scourgers were known to be merciless, often causing their victims to pass out from the pain.
27. The scourgers were always on the lookout for any signs of rebellion.
28. The prisoners would have rather faced death than endure the scourgers' punishment again.
29. The scourgers' harsh punishments were meant to serve as a warning for others.
30. The scourgers were a necessary evil in a society where punishment was required.

Common Phases

1. The scourgers whipped relentlessly; their victims screamed in agony.
2. The scourgers showed no mercy; they enjoyed inflicting pain.
3. The scourgers were feared by all; their reputation preceded them.
4. The scourgers were the most hated people in the town; everyone avoided them.
5. The scourgers carried out their punishment efficiently; their methods were brutal.
6. The scourgers were relentless in their pursuit; they never tired of punishing wrongdoers.
7. The scourgers were feared by the prisoners; they knew what awaited them.
8. The scourgers were ruthless in their job; they didn't care about the pain they inflicted.
9. The scourgers were in high demand; their services were always needed.
10. The scourgers were the enforcers of the law; nobody dared to cross them.

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