Scourgings example sentences

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"Scourgings" Example Sentences

1. The scourgings from the whip left deep marks on his back.
2. Despite the scourgings, he refused to recant his beliefs.
3. The scourgings were meant to be a deterrent to other slaves who might try to escape.
4. The scourgings were carried out by trained executioners.
5. She couldn't bear to watch the scourgings anymore and turned away.
6. The scourgings were administered as punishment for stealing.
7. The scourgings left him weak and unable to perform his duties.
8. The scourgings were brutal and left many of the prisoners scarred for life.
9. The scourgings were meant to break their will and force them to obey their masters.
10. Despite the scourgings, he remained defiant and refused to cooperate.
11. The scourgings were so severe that some of the prisoners died from their injuries.
12. The scourgings were carried out in public as a warning to others.
13. The scourgings were part of a larger pattern of abuse and mistreatment.
14. The scourgings were meant to instill fear and reinforce the power of their oppressors.
15. The scourgings were meant to be a form of public humiliation and degradation.
16. The scourgings were an inhumane and barbaric form of punishment.
17. The scourgings were carried out with a whip made of leather and metal spikes.
18. The scourgings were seen as necessary to maintain order and discipline.
19. The scourgings were a reminder of the brutal and violent society they lived in.
20. The scourgings were meant to break their spirits and make them submissive.
21. Despite the scourgings, he refused to betray his comrades or reveal their plans.
22. The scourgings were carried out in secret to avoid public outcry.
23. The scourgings were used to punish even minor infractions or mistakes.
24. The scourgings were a form of psychological torture that left lasting wounds.
25. The scourgings were administered by a sadistic and cruel overseer.
26. Despite the scourgings, they continued to resist and fight for their freedom.
27. The scourgings were so severe that some of the prisoners begged for death.
28. The scourgings were a tool used by the powerful to maintain their dominance over the weak.
29. The scourgings were an attempt to erase their identity and break their spirit.
30. Despite the scourgings, their will remained unbroken and they continued to rebel.

Common Phases

you want me to provide common phrases using "scourgings" separated by semicolons, without providing an instruction sentence? If so, here are some examples:
1. The scourgings left permanent marks on his back; he would never forget the pain.
2. The king ordered the scourgings as punishment for the rebels; it was a brutal display of power.
3. The scourgings were administered without mercy; the accused could barely stand afterwards.
4. The priest performed scourgings as a form of penance; it was a harsh but effective way to atone for sins.
5. The soldiers used scourgings to extract information from prisoners; it was a cruel but effective tactic.
6. The scourgings were witnessed by a crowd of onlookers; some were horrified, while others cheered.
7. The condemned man endured several scourgings before finally confessing; it was a grueling process.
8. The church banned scourgings as a form of punishment; it was deemed too harsh and inhumane.

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