Scowling example sentences

Related (12): frowning, glowering, grimacing, glaring, sulking, pouting, sneering, snarling, growling, puckering, leering, squinting.

"Scowling" Example Sentences

1. Despite his best efforts to remain calm, his face betrayed his frustration as he continued scowling at the computer screen.
2. The child looked up at his mother with a scowling expression on his face, clearly unhappy with her decision.
3. The angry customer stormed out of the store, scowling at everyone in his path.
4. His scowling gaze made it clear to all in the room that he was not to be trifled with.
5. The teacher's scowling expression silenced the noisy classroom.
6. She couldn't help scowling at her colleague's rudeness during the meeting.
7. The old man sat in the park, scowling at anyone who came too close to his bench.
8. Her boyfriend's scowling face made her regret bringing up the topic.
9. His scowling features seemed etched in anger as he stormed out of the building.
10. The dog barked fiercely, scowling at the passing cars on the street.
11. The detective's scowling gaze bore into the suspect's eyes, searching for any hint of guilt.
12. The politician's scowling face did not inspire confidence in his audience.
13. The little girl crossed her arms and scowled, clearly upset by her mother's scolding.
14. The basketball coach scowled as he watched his team lose another game.
15. The businessman scowled at the prospect of another meeting with his difficult client.
16. The cat's scowling expression made it clear that he was not in the mood for cuddles.
17. The waitress scowled as the customers complained about their food for the third time.
18. The soldier's scowling face was a testament to the horrors of war.
19. The dentist's scowling demeanor did not put her patients at ease.
20. His scowling eyes followed her every move as she packed her bags to leave.
21. The boss scowled at her employees, unhappy with their lack of productivity.
22. The young boy scowled at the other children who teased him for being different.
23. The princess scowled at the prince, unimpressed with his grand gestures.
24. The driver scowled at the traffic jam ahead of him, frustrated with the delay.
25. The coach scowled at the team, upset with their lack of teamwork.
26. The waiter scowled as a customer complained about the food being too cold.
27. The shopper scowled at the long line ahead of her, annoyed at the wait.
28. The musician scowled at the audience, unimpressed with their lack of enthusiasm.
29. The teacher scowled at the students, unhappy with their level of engagement.
30. The boss scowled at his secretary, unhappy with the number of missed calls.

Common Phases

1. She was scowling at him; her anger was evident.
2. The teacher scowled at the students; they quickly became quiet.
3. He scowled at his reflection in the mirror; he was displeased with his appearance.
4. The boss scowled at the employees; they knew they were in trouble.
5. She scowled at the menu; she couldn't find anything she liked.
6. He scowled at the bad news; he knew it was going to be a long day.
7. The baby scowled at the unfamiliar face; she was not happy to be held by a stranger.
8. He scowled at the mess on his desk; he needed to clean it up.

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