Sibyllins example sentences

Related (10): prophecies, mysterious, cryptic, oracular, enigmatic, prophetic, mystical, recondite, esoteric, unfathomable

"Sibyllins" Example Sentences

1. The sibylline prophecy foretold of a great flood that would devastate the city.
2. The sibylline books contained secret mystical teachings.
3. The sibylline oracles were consulted before any major decision was made.
4. The sibylline voice whispered in his ear, warning him of danger ahead.
5. Many believed that the cryptic language of the sibylline prophecies held the key to unlocking the secrets of the universe.
6. The sibylline priestess stood before the altar, her eyes closed in trance-like concentration.
7. The sibylline visions she had experienced since childhood troubled her greatly.
8. Scholars spent years studying the complex symbolism of the sibylline texts.
9. The sibylline verses were inscribed on the walls of the ancient temple.
10. Some claimed that the sibylline prophecies had accurately predicted historical events.
11. As a child, she was fascinated by the mysterious illustrations in the sibylline scrolls.
12. The sibylline teachings were kept hidden from the uninitiated masses.
13. The sibylline oracles had warned of an impending disaster, but no one was prepared for the scale of the catastrophe that followed.
14. The sibylline imagery used in the paintings of the Renaissance was inspired by classical mythology.
15. He was convinced that he had deciphered the code hidden within the sibylline prophecies.
16. The sibylline priestesses were renowned for their powers of divination and foresight.
17. In medieval times, the sibylline legends were regarded as holy scriptures.
18. Some believed that the sibylline books were cursed and should never be opened.
19. The sibylline predictions had a profound impact on the decisions made by rulers and politicians.
20. The sibylline dreams she had experienced were so vivid, she felt as if she was living in another world.
21. The sibylline writings were considered to be the work of supernatural forces.
22. The sibylline chants and incantations had the power to summon spirits from beyond the grave.
23. The sibylline prophecy had warned of a dark age of destruction and chaos.
24. The sibylline legacy was shrouded in mystery and intrigue.
25. The sibylline mysteries were passed down through generations of initiates.
26. It was said that only the chosen few could understand the complex language of the sibylline texts.
27. The sibylline prophecies were often open to interpretation, leading to much debate and controversy.
28. The sibylline relics were guarded with utmost secrecy, as they were considered to be sacred objects.
29. The sibylline visions she had experienced were so powerful, she felt as if she was in the presence of divine beings.
30. The sibylline legends had become intertwined with the mythology of many ancient cultures.

Common Phases

1. The sibylline book held the answers to their questions; they just needed to decipher it properly.
2. Her warnings were dismissed as sibylline; only later did they realize she had been right all along.
3. The priest delivered a sibylline prophecy; the villagers feared what it could mean.
4. The ancient temple was filled with sibylline inscriptions; historians studied them to piece together the past.
5. The seer's visions were often sibylline; she struggled to interpret them accurately.

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