Skate example sentences

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"Skate" Example Sentences

1. I like to skate at the park on weekends.
2. The kids were skating on the frozen pond.
3. She was skating gracefully across the ice.
4. I fell many times while learning to skate.
5. The skaters glided effortlessly around the rink.
6. He skated fast and did tricks on his skateboard.
7. I put on my roller skates and skated around the block.
8. She strapped on her ice skates and took to the rink.
9. The couple skated beautifully to the waltz.
10. The dog ran after the kids who were skating down the sidewalk.
11. The children love to skate around the cul-de-sac.
12. I need to get new skate laces for my ice skates.
13. Her knees and elbows were bruised from so many falls while skating.
14. The sound of skates on ice filled the air.
15. The skaters glided gracefully around the ice rink.
16. Skates and skateboards whizzed past me on the paved path.
17. I sprained my ankle when I fell off my skateboard.
18. The greatest skaters in the country are competing in the ice-skating championship this weekend.
19. There is nothing like the feeling of wind in your face as you skate fast down a hill.
20. The ice skating competition begins soon, so the skaters are warming up.
21. My roller skates make a clacking sound as I skate down the wood floors.
22. The blades of her ice skates cut cleanly across the slick surface.
23. His skateboard caught the curb and sent him flying through the air.
24. Children laughed with joy as they skated around the tennis courts.
25. We watched in awe as the figure skaters performed death drops and triple axels.
26. Skating fast makes the wind whip through your hair.
27. Polished wooden skateboards lined the walls of the skate park.
28. The skating rink was crowded on a Saturday night.
29. The skate shop offers a wide variety of skates, hardware, and wheels.
30. A snowstorm transformed the neighborhood streets into a natural skate park.
31. Put on your helmet before you skate down that hill!
32. The competitive ice skaters practiced their routines for hours every day.
33. Roller skating is a fun way to exercise and spend time with friends.
34. I love watching skateboarders pull off fancy tricks.
35. We twirled around the rink hand-in-hand as we skated to a waltz.
36. The roar of high-powered skateboards filled the air.
37. The chalky wheels of my skateboard left dusty trails behind me.
38. The skate park is packed on weekends.
39. She wobbled as she struggled to skate on four-wheel skates.
40. The ice skates glided with graceful purpose across the smooth surface.
41. The skateboarders ollied up ramps and off rails.
42. He soared through the air after catching a particularly large jump.
43. Parent volunteers counted laps for the ice-skating fundraiser.
44. The cold air made my nose run as I skated around the frozen pond.
45. I skated until my legs were sore and heavy.
46. She skated sideways and backwards with ease.
47. A skateboard made a clacking sound as it rolled over the wood floor.
48. Ice skaters whizzed past as she demonstrated her latest spin technique.
49. Rollerblades allow me to skate farther and faster.
50. The competitors completed challenging skating routines to impressive music.
51. The wooden skate ramps smelled of sap and turpentine.
52. Skating allows you to glide effortlessly across the ice or pavement.
53. Skate parks attract adventurous kids seeking fun, excitement, and adrenaline.
54. He tightened the laces on his ice skates and stepped onto the rink.
55. Hours seemed to fly by as I skated around and around the rink.
56. Tired feet greeted me at the end of the long day of skating.
57. I could hear children squealing with joy as they skated down the hill.
58. Muscles I didn't know existed ached after learning new skateboarding tricks.
59. I scraped my arm after wiping out trying to land that impossible trick.
60. A skatepark provides a safe place for skaters to perfect their skills.

Common Phases

Hit the skate park - To go skateboarding at a skate park.
Chuck Taylors - Popular canvas sneakers worn by skateboarders.
Pull a kickflip - To perform a kickflip trick on a skateboard.
50-50 grind - A skateboarding trick where the skater grinds on a rail.
Bail / Bailed - When a skateboarder falls off their board during a trick.
Ollie - The act of jumping into the air with a skateboard.
Wax on / Wax off - Using wax to soften the wheels of inline roller skates.
Backside spin - A spin performed in the opposite rotational direction in figure skating.
Edges - The sides of figure skates and ice skates.
Stack it- When a skateboarder crashes, often resulting in injury.
Frontside - The side of a skateboarder or skier that faces forward during a maneuver.
Goofy foot - A skateboarder who places their right foot at the front of the board.
Regular foot- A skateboarder who places their left foot at the front of the board.
Crossover - A skating move in ice skating and roller skating where one foot crosses over the other.

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