Slickest example sentences

Related (5): Glossiest, smoothest, shiniest, sleekest, neatest.


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slickest (superlative adjective)

  - (of an action or thing) done or operating in an impressively smooth, efficient, and apparently effortless way:

  - smooth and superficially impressive but insincere or shallow:

  - (of skin or hair) smooth and glossy:

  - (of a surface) smooth, wet, and slippery:


efficient, smooth, polished, streamlined, skillful, deft, adroit, dexterous, masterly, professional, clever, smart, sharp, shrewd, amateurish, clumsy, inexpert, glib, smooth, fluent, plausible, neat, pat, superficial, disingenuous, insincere, specious, meretricious, shallow, profound, thoughtful, shiny, glossy, shining, sleek, smooth, silky, silken, oiled, Brylcreemed, slippery, slithery, wet, greasy, oily, icy, glassy, smooth, lubricious, dry, rough

"Slickest" Example Sentences

1. That car is the slickest one I've ever seen.
2. The slickest way to accomplish this task is to use a specialized tool.
3. He always insists on using the slickest technology available.
4. The slickest part of the presentation was the interactive demonstration.
5. We need to come up with the slickest marketing campaign possible.
6. His hair was styled in the slickest way imaginable.
7. The slickest pickpocket in town strikes again.
8. She wore the slickest dress to the party.
9. The slickest way to break the news to them is to be honest and direct.
10. That company's website is the slickest one in their industry.
11. He's known for his slickest moves on the basketball court.
12. The slickest crook in the city always seems to evade the police.
13. The slickest trick in his magic show always leaves the audience amazed.
14. That is the slickest design for a building I've ever seen.
15. The slickest method for solving this math problem is to use a calculator.
16. She used the slickest negotiation tactics to secure a better deal.
17. The slickest thief in the group successfully stole the diamond necklace.
18. The slickest way to travel to Europe is by taking a luxury cruise.
19. That DJ played the slickest beats all night long.
20. The slickest way to handle a difficult customer is to remain calm and professional.
21. They make the slickest gadgets you've ever seen at that tech startup.
22. The slickest escape plan was hatched by the prisoners in cell block 4.
23. The slickest way to impress your boss is to consistently exceed their expectations.
24. That comedy routine had the slickest punchlines of the night.
25. The slickest way to get through the traffic is to take a back road.
26. She always wears the slickest outfits to her fashion shows.
27. The slickest method for organizing your schedule is to use a planner.
28. The slickest con artist in the game finally got caught by the FBI.
29. The slickest way to deal with a difficult coworker is to try to understand their perspective.
30. He's the slickest pool player in the bar, always sinking the toughest shots.

Common Phases

1. That was the slickest move I've ever seen; you completely caught me off guard.
2. She always has the slickest outfits; she's definitely a fashion icon.
3. The slickest part about this new phone is the facial recognition feature; it's so convenient.
4. He's known for his slickest comebacks; you can never outwit him.
5. The slickest line in the movie was definitely, "You had me at hello;" it gets me every time.

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