Stony example sentences

Related (10): rocky, barren, desolate, hard, unyielding, inflexible, unemotional, indifferent, stern, harsh

"Stony" Example Sentences

1. The trail wound its way up the stony hillside.
2. He walked across the barren, stony field.
3. The stony path gave way under his feet.
4. The soil was thin and stony, making it difficult for plants to grow.
5. He stumbled over the stony ground.
6. The stony beach stretched as far as the eye could see.
7. Waves crashed against the stony cliffs.
8. The castle stood atop the stony bluffs overlooking the ocean.
9. Her face had a stony, emotionless expression.
10. He looked at me with a stony glare.
11. The stony silence in the room was deafening.
12. His stony demeanor hid his true feelings.
13. She received a stony reception at the party.
14. I felt stony resistance from my parents about my plan.
15. He gave me a stony stare as I explained myself.
16. He clung to the stony shore as the waves crashed around him.
17. The avocet picked at insects in the stony shallows.
18. They hiked through the stony mountains.
19. The monks lived an austere life in the stony monastery.
20. Grains of stony sand swirled around her feet.
21. The old statue had taken on a stony patina over the centuries.
22. The stony wolf sat still and silent, watching them approach.
23. Stony outcroppings jutted from the desert floor.
24. He navigated the stony rapids with ease.
25. They threw stony fruit at the windows of the house.
26. The stony gray clouds threatened rain.
27. The stony peaks rose above the clouds.
28. She grew up playing in the stony creek behind her house.
29. The stony ravine cut through the mountainside.
30. He scraped his knees climbing over the stony wall.
31. They searched in vain for water amidst the stony desert.
32. The goats foraged for tufts of grass between the stony boulders.
33. Her footsteps echoed off the stony cavern walls.
34. The stony foundation of the old cabin remained after the rest had fallen in.
35. The stony floor of the cave was cold and damp.
36. Scraps of metal scraped against the stony ground.
37. The wheels of the wagon jolted over the stony ruts in the road.
38. The castle was perched upon a stony promontory overlooking the harbor.
39. Stony disbelief showed on their faces.
40. Her words fell on stony, uncomprehending ears.
41. The stony walls of the keep enclosed a small courtyard.
42. The tortoise slowly made its way across the stony plain.
43. They hiked through the stony hills for hours without seeing another soul.
44. A thin layer of stony soil covered the bedrock beneath.
45. The statue's stony gaze seemed to follow him wherever he went.
46. Rain washed down the stony crags.
47. There was little topsoil; just stony earth for as far as they could see.
48. The villagers shrank back from the stony gaze of the giant.
49. The stony mountain heights remained snowcapped year round.
50. The path switchbacked up the stony slope.
51. Stony indifference greeted his pleas for help.
52. The stony monolith stood amidst the rocks, marking an ancient grave.
53. I scaled the stony outcrop to get a better view.
54. Twigs scraped against the stony ground as he swept the floor.
55. He scraped his knee on the stony ground.
56. The stony plains stretched into the distance.
57. His heart remained as stony as the cliffs along the sea.
58. Drops of rain pattered against the stony facade of the building.
59. The spines of the stony cactus plant made it difficult to approach.
60. They hacked away at the stony cliff face with pickaxes.

Common Phases

stony silence - a complete lack of sound due to everyone being quiet, as if turned to stone
stony expression/face - an expressionless face, without emotion
stony reception - a cold, unwelcoming reception
stony stare/glare - a cold, hard stare without warmth or friendliness
stony indifference - complete lack of interest or concern, as if turned to stone
on deaf/stony ears - falling on unwilling or uncomprehending listeners
fell on stony ground - failed to be understood or achieved any effect
turn to stone - to become utterly motionless or unresponsive, as if frozen
had a heart of stone - was utterly unfeeling and unemotional
stony look/gaze - a cold, intense look
scrapes one's knees - injures one's knees, as from climbing or falling
stony landscape - a landscape with lots of rocks and little soil
cliffs/mountains/peaks - steep parts of a coastline or high ground
The 60 example sentences using "stony" convey a sense of difficulty, barrenness, and cold emotionlessness that often comes to mind when thinking of stone and rocks. The phrases mostly portray stony things and people in a negative or challenging light. I hope these examples and phrases are helpful! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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