Strip example sentences

Related (9): pole, tease, remove, bare, undress, dismantle, peel, rid, clear.

"Strip" Example Sentences

1. She stripped the wallpaper off the walls.
2. The officers stripped him of his uniform and rank.
3. The marijuana dealer was stripped of his assets through asset forfeiture.
4. He stripped down to his boxers and jumped in the pool.
5. The car was stripped for parts.
6. The thief stripped the copper wiring from the abandoned building.
7. The room had been stripped bare during the burglary.
8. They stripped the bark off the tree.
9. The pine cone was stripped of its scales.
10. The storm stripped the leaves from the trees.
11. The mechanic stripped the engine to replace the pistons.
12. Thieves stripped the catalytic converters from the vehicles.
13. The girl was stripped and searched at the airport.
14. The exotic dancer stripped seductively on the stage.
15. They stripped the paint from the old furniture.
16. The activist group is trying to strip government funding from the program.
17. The police stripped the suspected drug dealer of his personal belongings.
18. They stripped the rotten wood from the deck.
19. She stripped off her coat and flung it on the chair.
20. They stripped the boards from the pallet.
21. The toy was stripped of its batteries.
22. The company stripped her of stock options as part of her severance package.
23. Work is stripping her of her youth and energy.
24. The thieves stripped all the copper wire from the factory.
25. The wax was stripped from the candles.
26. The bark was stripped from the fallen log.
27. The instructor stripped the engine down to the block.
28. The leaves were stripped from the vines.
29. She stripped the clothes right off his back.
30. They stripped the shelves bare during the Black Friday sale.
31. Congress is trying to strip funding for the program.
32. The interview intended to strip away the mask of propaganda.
33. The rain quickly stripped the color from the new paint job.
34. The meat was stripped from the bones.
35. She stripped off her dress and stepped into the bathtub.
36. The explorers stripped bark from trees to make canoes.
37. The wind stripped what little leaves remained from the trees.
38. The intruder stripped the room of any valuables.
39. The police stripped him naked and searched him thoroughly.
40. Stress is stripping away her youth and happiness.
41. The artichokes were stripped of their outer leaves.
42. The force of the hurricane stripped shingles from rooftops.
43. They stripped the nails and scrap metal from the boards.
44. The pickpocket stripped his wallet right from his pocket.
45. They stripped the paint from the old furniture to reveal the natural wood.
46. She stripped off her wet clothes and wrapped herself in a towel.
47. The vandals stripped all the copper wiring from the abandoned house.
48. The leaves were ripped and stripped from the branches by the strong wind.
49. The thieves stripped the car of anything valuable.
50. Time is stripping the pain away.
51. The ice storm stripped branches from the trees.
52. The company stripped her of benefits like insurance and paid time off.
53. Frustration is stripping away her joy.
54. The referees stripped the winning team of their victory.
55. The city is trying to strip tax exempt status from religious institutions.
56. The women were stripped naked and humiliated in front of everyone.
57. The general stripped the personnel of their ranks.
58. The thieves stripped the stripped the wiring from the walls.
59. Stripped of all possessions and dignity, he wandered the streets.
60. The convict was stripped searched before being admitted to prison.

Common Phases

strip down - to take one's clothes off
strip search - to search a naked person, especially to look for concealed objects
strip mine - to remove the earth and rocks from above a vein of ore
strip mall - a row of stores or businesses with a common parking lot in front
stripped bare - with nothing remaining or left
stripped of - deprived or taken away from
stripped down - in simple, basic condition without extras or luxuries
stripping (of) - the act of taking, depriving, or removing something
stripping down - removing parts from an object to see its inner workings
stripping wires - removing the insulation from electrical wires

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