Style example sentences

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"Style" Example Sentences

1. She has a unique sense of style.
2. The architecture was Gothic in style.
3. They wrote in an academic style.
4. His handwriting was in cursive style.
5. The clothing store offered a wide range of styles.
6. The dishes were set in a formal dining style.
7. The comedian's comedy style incorporated deadpan humor.
8. The furniture was Mid-Century Modern in style.
9. The illustrations were done in a cartoonish whimsical style.
10. The sculpture was realistic in style.
11. The professor criticized the student's writing style.
12. The house was decorated in an eclectic style.
13. Her gift-giving style was very thoughtful.
14. The poem was written in free verse style.
15. The singer had a jazzy musical style.
16. The menu featured cuisine in an Italian style.
17. The dancer performed in a classical ballet style.
18. The jokes were told in a slapstick comedic style.
19. They wore their hair in an up-do hairstyle.
20. The minuet was danced in a baroque dance style.
21. The novel was written in a third-person narrative style.
22. He painted in an impressionistic style.
23. The wine list offered a range of styles from around the world.
24. The painter favored an abstract expressionist style.
25. The report was written in an academic research paper style.
26. The walls were panelled in a rustic wood style.
27. Her leadership style was democratic and inclusive.
28. The imperious tone was a clear reflection of her authoritarian leadership style.
29. The economist reviewed the president's economic policy in glowing terms.
30. The speech followed the eloquent grandiose style for which she was renowned.
31. The crooked lines give it a naïve, childlike style.
32. The decoration has a bold, linear, geometric style.
33. The policy document was written in a bland, bureaucratic style.
34. The website design favoured a minimalist, clean style.
35. There is no standard method - each artist has their own unique style.
36. The clothing line featured pieces in the minimalist, monochromatic style.
37. The fusion cuisine combines flavours in its own eclectic style.
38. The advertising campaign deployed a humorous, irreverent style to attract younger consumers.
39. The architectural decoration favoured a flamboyant, baroque style.
40. The music favoured an acoustic, folksy style.
41. The decorator chose furnishings in a retro, mid-century modern style.
42. She told the story in a dramatic, theatrical style.
43. The essay argued its thesis in a pedantic, academic style.
44. Her outfit combined colours in an adventurous, edgy style.
45. They danced to the music in an energetic, upbeat style.
46. He delivered the speech in a solemn, stately style.
47. The designer favoured a luxurious, opulent style for the room.
48. The exhibit showcased her exploratory, experimental art style.
49. The film employed a gritty, documentary-like style to give it authenticity.
50. The research was presented in a dry, matter-of-fact style.
51. The graffiti artist painted in an anarchic, political style.
52. The menus offered cuisine in a gourmet, haute style.
53. The music fused genres in an eclectic, global style.
54. The swimsuit collection featured styles in the sexy, flirtatious mode.
55. The comedy show delivered jokes in an irreverent, subversive style.
56. She wore her hair in an edgy, asymmetrical style.
57. The film noir detective story followed a classic hard-boiled style.
58. The website used sans serif fonts in a minimal, stripped-down style.
59. The guidelines favored a plain, no-nonsense writing style.
60. The design incorporated intricate motifs in an ornate, lavish style.

Common Phases

1. She has a unique style of dressing.
2. The magazine features the latest fashion styles.
3. Her writing style is descriptive and evocative.
4. Her leadership style is very hands-off and laissez-faire.
5. Art Deco is an architectural style from the 1920s and 1930s.
6. The font used in the book headlines is in a gothic style.
7. The furniture has a modern style that contrasts with the vintage decor.
8. Baroque is a flamboyant and ornamental style of art and architecture.
9. The customer called and complained about the restaurant's poor service style.
10. Minimalist is a style of art and design focused on simplicity and minimal elements.
11. Gothic is an architecture style characterized by pointed arches, vaulted ceilings, and flying buttresses.
12. Old English is a calligraphy style using thick and thin strokes in letters.
13. The chef's style of cooking incorporates fresh and seasonal ingredients.
14. The hairdresser suggested an elegant bob haircut to suit her classic style.
15. The website has a sleek and modern aesthetic style.
16. His writing style is overly formal and detached.
17. The faded jeans and plaid shirts reflected his rustic country style.
18. The abstract paintings were done in an expressionist style.
19. My manager has an autocratic leadership style.
20. Art nouveau is a style of art and architecture characterized by organic lines and curving forms.
21. Southern Gothic is a style of writing that blends Gothic and Southern literature.
22. Colonial is an architectural style reminiscent of early American architecture.
23. Her presentation slides followed a simple and clean visual style.
24. The actress is known for her bold and glamorous red carpet style.
25. The professor preferred an engaging and interactive teaching style.
26. The sculpture was done in a surrealist style.
27. The decor has an eclectic style that mixes different design elements.
28. The philosophy professor's lectures were discursive rather than didactic in style.
29. Mid-century modern is an architectural and design style popular in the mid-20th century.
30. The restaurant offers a range of cuisines in a fusion style.
31. His paintings incorporated a pointillist style.
32. The groom's attire had a classic yet casual style.
33. The singer is known for her pop fusion musical style.
34. Stream-of-consciousness is a writing style that mimics the flow of thoughts in the mind.
35. Bauhaus is an aesthetic style that emphasizes simplicity and functionality.
36. The builders used a Victorian style of architectural details.
37. The gardener created an English country garden style.
38. Rococo is an ornate and exuberant artistic style from the 18th century.
39. Contemporary is an artistic and architectural style of the current age.
40. Renaissance is an artistic and cultural movement that spanned the 14th to 17th centuries.
41. Impressionist is an artistic style that emphasizes capturing fleeting impressions.
42. The comedy features a deadpan absurdist style of humor.
43. His comedic routine relied heavily on physical humor and slapstick style.
44. Sculptures by Rodin exhibit a naturalistic style.
45. The theater adaptation of the novel kept the hard-boiled noir style of the original work.
46. Indie rock is a musical style characterized by lo-fi and garage rock influences.
47. The journalist favored a straightforward, unembellished writing style.
48. The museum's collection includes artwork in a wide range of styles and movements.
49. Futurist is an early 20th-century artistic style that depicted the dynamic nature of machines.
50. The chef's creative and experimental cooking style earned him a Michelin star.
51. Modernist architecture favored clean lines and geometric styles.
52. The house features an eclectic mix of Asian design styles.
53. Trip hop is a musical style that combines hip hop and electronica.
54. The story had a magical realist style that blended fantasy and reality.
55. The rapper was known for his aggressive and boastful rapping style.
56. The exhibit featured clothing from a range of historic fashion styles.
57. Postmodern architecture incorporates a variety of contradictory styles.
58. Streamlined is an architectural style characterized by smooth rounded lines and shapes.
59. Cubist art uses geometric style and multiple perspectives.
60. Heavy metal is a musical genre characterized by distorted guitars and powerful drum styles.

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