Sublime example sentences

Related (6): beauty, awe-inspiring, elevated, grand, magnificent, majestic


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sublime (adjective) · sublimer (comparative adjective) · sublimest (superlative adjective)

  - of such excellence, grandeur, or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe:

  - used to denote the extreme or unparalleled nature of a person's attitude or behavior:

  - (of a solid substance) change directly into vapor when heated, typically forming a solid deposit again on cooling:

  - cause (a substance) to sublime:

  - elevate to a high degree of moral or spiritual purity or excellence:


exalted, elevated, noble, lofty, awesome, majestic, magnificent, imposing, glorious, supreme, grand, great, outstanding, excellent, superb, perfect, ideal, wonderful, marvelous, splendid, delightful, blissful, rapturous, poor, lowly, ordinary, supreme, total, complete, utter, consummate, extreme, arrogant, Legal

"Sublime" Example Sentences

1. She gazed at the sunset with sublime joy.
2. The violin music created a sublime pastoral atmosphere.
3. His voice carried with it a sublime grace and beauty.
4. The poem conveyed a sublime sense of peace and contentment.
5. The artwork expressed a sublime harmony between humans and nature.
6. The view from the mountain top was utterly sublime.
7. The experience was sublime in its simplicity and beauty.
8. The singer's performance elevated the song to sublime heights.
9. The painting evoked a sublime mood of quiet reflection.
10. She danced with sublime elegance and poise.
11. The visitor expressed his sublime wonder at the majestic architecture.
12. The film created a sublime visual spectacle.
13. The sculptures embodied a sublime sense of form and proportion.
14. The orchestra played with sublime virtuosity and precision.
15. The prayer elicited her most sublime feelings of peace and hope.
16. The wine imparted a sublime flavor of earth and fruit.
17. The stillness of the forest created a sublime atmosphere of calm.
18. The experience elevated my mind to sublime thoughts.
19. Melody and rhythm combined to create a sublime musical experience.
20. The dancer moved with sublime grace and rhythm.
21. The pianist played with sublime technical skill and profound emotion.
22. The opera singer's performance elevated the familiar aria to sublime heights.
23. The symphony filled the hall with sublime sounds of beauty and wonder.
24. The actress delivered her lines with sublime intensity and nuance.
25. The retreat provided a sublime opportunity for rest and renewal.
26. The sunlight pouring through the leaves filled me with sublime joy.
27. The actor conveyed her character's anguish with sublime drama and pathos.
28. The prose style elevated otherwise ordinary events to sublime significance.
29. His gaze expressed sublime longing and sorrow.
30. The music inspired sublime thoughts of love and sacrifice.
31. The garden created a sublime sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the city.
32. The view filled me with sublime wonder and awe.
33. The photographer captured sublime nature in all its glory.
34. The atmosphere of the cathedral filled me with sublime reverence.
35. The work of art embodies sublime transcendent meanings of peace and harmony.
36. She spoke with sublime authority on matters of the spirit.
37. The story conjured up a sublime world of fantasy and make-believe.
38. The swim filled me with sublime peace and exhilaration.
39. The scent of the roses filled the garden with sublime fragrance.
40. The song evoked sublime memories and emotions.
41. The musician played with sublime feeling and expression.
42. The temple embodied sublime spiritual values of purity and enlightenment.
43. The light in the room filled me with sublime comfort and warmth.
44. The film evoked a sublime vision of human hope and resilience.
45. The poem conjured a sublime spiritual world beyond the physical senses.
46. The lecture elevated my thinking to sublime intellectual heights.
47. The performance embodied sublime uses of theater for moral education.
48. The statue embodies sublime ideals of physical perfection and beauty.
49. The light in her eyes expressed her sublime joy and wonder at life.
50. The sound surrounded me with a sublime feeling of peace and infinity.
51. The recipe produces a sublime taste sensation.
52. The concept represents a sublime paradox at the heart of all existence.
53. The ensemble played with sublime virtuosity and emotional depth.
54. The singer elevated the solemn hymn to sublime spiritual heights.
55. The cathedral embodied sublime religious ideals of transcendence and eternity.
56. The symphony conveyed sublime truths about human love and loss.
57. The meadow filled me with sublime pastoral calm and contentment.
58. The piece embodied sublime uses of music for psychological healing.
59. The ritual elevated my thinking to sublime spiritual mysteries.
60. The dance conveyed a sublime vision of perfect harmony and balance.

Common Phases

1. Sublime heights - A phrase meaning the highest or most sublime state possible.
2. Sublime simplicity - Great beauty or truth achieved through simplicity.
3. Sublime vision - An elevated or sublime perspective.
4. Sublime beauty - Beauty considered of the highest or sublime quality.
5. Sublime art - Art that embodies or expresses sublime ideals.
6. Sublime music - Music considered sublimely beautiful and emotionally moving.
7. Sublime experience - An experience that uplifts the spirit to sublime levels.
8. Sublime peace - A state of peace considered sublime or ultimate.
9. Sublime joy - Joy considered of the highest or sublime quality.
10. Sublime being - A supreme or sublime existence.

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