Surveilled example sentences

Related (9): watched, monitored, tracked, observed, recorded, inspected, scrutinized, surveyed, stalked

"Surveilled" Example Sentences

1. The security personnel surveilled the premises to ensure there were no trespassers.
2. The team surveilled the suspect's house for two days before making an arrest.
3. The company installed cameras to surveil its employees during working hours.
4. The FBI has been surveilling the suspect for months.
5. The government has the power to surveil citizens during investigations.
6. The police surveilled the area where the crime occurred.
7. The private detective was hired to surveil a cheating spouse.
8. The drone was used to surveil the hotspots of the forest fire.
9. The border patrol surveils the border to prevent illegal immigration.
10. The city installed surveillance cameras to surveil for criminal activity.
11. The security company offered to surveil the car park with 24-hour CCTV surveillance.
12. The suspect was aware that he was being surveilled.
13. The security guard surveilled the entrance to the building.
14. The agent had to work in secrecy while surveilling the terrorist organization.
15. The spy agency deployed agents to surveil the embassy of the rival nation.
16. The government was accused of illegally surveilling its own citizens.
17. The police department set up a temporary command center to surveil the parade.
18. The thief was caught on camera while being surveilled by the store's security system.
19. The border police deployed drones to surveil the desolate region between the two countries.
20. The counter-surveillance team was sent in to surveil the presumed threat.
21. The hotel lobby was constantly surveilled by the security cameras.
22. The private investigator was hired to surveil a high-profile politician.
23. The suspect vehicle was surveilled from the sky by a police helicopter.
24. The intelligence agencies collected data by surveilling phone calls and internet activity.
25. The company had to increase security measures by surveilling the warehouse after a theft.
26. The bank hired a security firm to surveil its branches after a series of robberies.
27. The traffic camera has the ability to surveil the license plate of passing vehicles.
28. The federal agents had to surveil the mountainside to locate the terrorist hideout.
29. The team of detectives was tasked to surveil a notorious gang's hangout spot.
30. The party was surveilled by the police to prevent any potential violence.

Common Phases

Some common phrases using "surveilled" are:
1. The suspect was constantly surveilled by the police;
2. The building was under constant surveillance and was heavily surveilled;
3. The border was closely surveilled by unmanned drones;
4. The company's staff was thoroughly surveilled by the management;
5. The suspect's email was closely surveilled by the authorities;
6. The area was heavily surveilled by security cameras;
7. The government is using new technologies to surveille their citizens.

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