Synonymized example sentences

Related (15): equated, correlated, identified, matched, associated, linked, related, paired, connected, analogized, assimilated, likened, mirrored, resembled, unified

"Synonymized" Example Sentences

1. I love to read, devour, and consume books.
2. The blue, azure, sky was clear and bright.
3. The thief, robber, criminal was apprehended by the police.
4. The automobile, car, vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed.
5. The little girl was shy, timid, and bashful in social situations.
6. The loud, boisterous, noisy music was disturbing to the neighbors.
7. The doctor prescribed, recommended, and suggested a new medication for the patient.
8. The teacher encouraged, supported, and motivated her students to succeed.
9. The street was lined with tall, towering, and imposing office buildings.
10. The boss praised, commended, and applauded his employee for a job well done.
11. The river flowed, meandered, and snaked through the valley.
12. The cake was moist, damp, and wet from the frosting.
13. The actor performed, acted, and portrayed his character exceptionally well.
14. The athlete displayed, exhibited, and demonstrated great sportsmanship during the game.
15. The snow was white, pristine, and immaculate on the ground.
16. The politician promised, assured, and guaranteed to lower taxes.
17. The airplane soared, glided, and flew through the clouds.
18. The chef seasoned, spiced, and flavored her dish perfectly.
19. The newborn baby was delicate, fragile, and vulnerable to the outside world.
20. The company advertised, promoted, and marketed their new product heavily.
21. The couple was happy, joyful, and ecstatic on their wedding day.
22. The mountain range was rugged, rough, and rocky to climb.
23. The artist painted, created, and produced a beautiful masterpiece.
24. The writer penned, wrote, and crafted a compelling story.
25. The customer complained, protested, and objected to the poor service.
26. The child was chatty, talkative, and verbose with his classmates.
27. The singer sang, performed, and delivered a soulful performance.
28. The salesman persuaded, convinced, and influenced his clients to purchase the product.
29. The ocean waves crashed, roared, and pounded against the shore.
30. The student studied, learned, and absorbed the material for the exam.
31. The employee worked diligently, tirelessly, and assiduously to meet the deadline.
32. The court ruled, decided, and determined in favor of the plaintiff.
33. The team played competitively, fiercely, and fiercely against their opponent.
34. The flower garden was ablaze, bright, and vivid with colors.
35. The poet recited, read, and declaimed her work to the audience.
36. The businessman invested, allocated, and deposited his money in the stock market.
37. The children played, frolicked, and romped in the park.
38. The movie was entertaining, captivating, and spellbinding to watch.
39. The mountain climber ascended, climbed, and scaled the peak of the mountain.
40. The family celebrated, rejoiced, and commemorated the special occasion.

Common Phases

- Replaced with synonyms;
- Changed to equivalent words;
- Substituted with similar expressions;
- Exchanged with analogous terms;
- Converted to comparable language;
- Transformed into corresponding vocabulary;
- Reiterated using synonymy;
- Restated with synonymic language;
- Switched to synonymous terminology;
- Translated with synonymous words.

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