Tactile example sentences

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"Tactile" Example Sentences

1. She had a strong tactile sense and enjoyed feeling different textures.
2. The students were asked to describe the object based only on their tactile senses.
3. The novelist employed vivid tactile descriptions to bring the world to life for readers.
4. The tactile sensations of the velvet dress filled her with pleasure.
5. He chose the smooth stone over the rough one based on tactile feedback.
6. The tactile memory of her touch lingered long after she had left.
7. The tactile display allowed blind users to "see" information through touch.
8. The most tactile memories for me are connected with smells and tastes.
9. The museum exhibit included tactile elements for visitors with visual impairments.
10. The tactile icons enabled the visually impaired user to navigate the device.
11. The child explored the world around her mainly through tactile sensations.
12. I recall the scent, taste, and tactile sensations more vividly than visual memories.
13. Learning through tactile experiences helped cement the concepts in his mind.
14. The story had a visceral, almost tactile quality that pulled the reader in.
15. The lesson included tactile activities to engage students through touch.
16. Her hands moved tactilely along the braille signs to guide her way.
17. The tactile nature of clay allows students to form meaningful connections.
18. The texture, weight and temperature all contributed to the tactile experience of handling the antique objects.
19. The blindfolded students relied on their tactile senses during the exercise.
20. The book aimed to evoke a strong tactile response in readers.
21. Immediately I was struck by the tactile sensation of the burlap against my skin.
22. She wanted to create artwork that stimulated the viewer's senses through tactile experiences.
23. Through typing and reading Braille, students develop tactile literacy.
24. The night sky evoked not only visual but auditory and tactile memories for me.
25. The author's description of the icy water was filled with tactile details.
26. My tactile memory called up the sensation of that soft blanket against my cheek.
27. The therapy relied heavily on the patient's tactile and kinesthetic senses.
28. The marbling exercise allowed students to experience the joy of tactile creativity.
29. I could almost feel the tactile sensations of sand between my toes as I read the description.
30. The child explored the object in his hands to gain as much tactile information as possible.
31. She ran her hands over the fabric to experience its texture and weight through tactile feedback.
32. The tactile nature of clay, allowing students to actually shape it with their hands, aids creativity.
33. The tactile experiences of riding a bike for the first time are forever imprinted in my mind.
34. The ink tracing exercise allowed students to focus on tactile sensations.
35. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve tactile experiences playing in nature.
36. The tactile nature of sculpture gives students an avenue to express themselves kinesthetically.
37. The lesson focused on developing observational skills through tactile activities.
38. The tactile feel of the warm sand and cool water triggered memories of that day at the beach.
39. The relief maps used tactile representations to help visually impaired students understand geographical features.
40. Learning how to cook requires tactile knowledge gained through experience.
41. The tools, textures and smells involved in pottery all contribute to a rich tactile experience.
42. I recalled the tactile sensation of windblown leaves brushing against my cheek.
43. The description aimed to elicit both visual and tactile responses in readers.
44. The Braille lettering allowed the visually impaired student to develop tactile literacy.
45. The old notebook's tactile memory of use transported me back to childhood.
46. She employed tactile examples during the lesson to engage students with different learning styles.
47. I picked up the object to gain a tactile understanding of its material and shape.
48. The tactile sensations associated with playing in the dirt stick with me to this day.
49. The sculpture aimed to evoke a tactile as well as aesthetic response in the viewer.
50. The instructor encouraged students to use all of their senses, but especially their tactile senses.
51. The tactile sensation of the warm cushion gave me comfort as I read.
52. The hot cup of coffee stimulated my tactile as well as visual senses.
53. The lesson plan included tactile elements to engage kinesthetic learners.
54. The sand sculpture's tactile qualities appealed to my senses.
55. She gained a good understanding of the object's form through tactile exploration.
56. Tasting and touching different textures aided students in developing their observational and tactile skills.
57. The description provided vivid tactile details that pulled me into the scene.
58. The piece of driftwood's rough tactile qualities appealed to me.
59. Many of my happiest childhood memories involve tactile experiences I had outdoors.
60.The instructions emphasized both visual and tactile learning methods.

Common Phases

1. The fabric had a soft, smooth tactile quality that I enjoyed.
2. The puppy nuzzled my hand, seeking tactile stimulation.
3. The child experiences the world through sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and tactile sensations.
4. She selected the items based on their interesting textures and varied tactile properties.
5. The bumblebee explored the flower, using its complex tactile hairs to detect nectar.
6. The student with visual impairments relied heavily on tactile cues.
7. The teacher used tactile demonstrations to augment her verbal instruction.
8. The braille text provided important tactile information for the reader.
9. The clay offered rich tactile experiences for the young artist.
10. The interactive museum exhibit invited visitors to engage their tactile senses.
11. I enjoyed the tactile pleasure of turning the crisp pages.
12. His hands gently explored her face, taking in the tactile details.
13. The behavioral therapist provided tactile stimulation to calm the agitated client.
14. The clay gave my hands a satisfying tactile workout.
15. She conveyed as much meaning through tactile gestures as she did with words.
16. The pop-up book provided a delightful combination of visual and tactile stimulation.
17. The teacher provided a tactile demonstration alongside her verbal explanation.
18. The patient relied on tactile cues to navigate the unfamiliar area.
19. The book's raised illustrations offered important tactile features for those with visual impairments.
20. The powders provided a range of interesting tactile effects.
21. He experienced the world primarily through tactile sensations.
22. The textured wall surfaces provided rich array of tactile inputs.
23. The peanut butter and jelly sandwich provided important tactile stimulation for the child.
24. I was fascinated by the intricate tactile qualities of the carving.
25. My friend used tactile gestures and movements to communicate joy.
26 The tactile sensations helped anchor me in the present moment.
27. The smell and feel of the old book gave me tactile pleasure.
28. Adding sand yielded interesting tactile results.
29. The sculpture invited viewers to explore its tactile features.
30. The fruit's leathery skin provided an interesting tactile texture.
31. The textured floor surface provided important tactile cues.
32. The therapist used tactile prompts to guide the student.
33. We constructed tactile models to aid our understanding.
34. The cat purred in response to tactile stimulation.
35. As a blind person, I rely heavily on tactile information in my environment.
36. I enjoyed the tactile experience of kneading the dough.
37. The bumpy surface yielded interesting tactile sensations.
38. The snake relied primarily on tactile cues to detect prey.
39. The person with visual impairments navigated using tactile landmarks.
40. I gained a more complete understanding through visual, auditory, and tactile means.
41. The lotion smoothed my skin with a satisfying tactile sensation.
42. The beans provided engaging tactile stimulation for the toddler.
43. The sign language incorporated subtle tactile gestures.
44. I could appreciate the artwork fully only after exploring its rich tactile features.
45. The beads allowed for interesting tactile manipulation.
46. People learn through sight, sound, taste, smell, and tactile means.
47. The tactile cues helped orient the runner on the unfamiliar course.
48. She sought the comfort of his tactile reassurance.
49. The tactile markers helped guide the visually impaired skier.
50. The beach provided stimulating tactile sensations.
51. I could learn a lot about a person through tactile interactions alone.
52. The stored leaf collection provided important tactile reference points.
53. The sponge provided pleasing tactile stimulation for my curious toddler.
54. I gained new visual and tactile appreciation of the old relic.
55. The furry texture provided satisfying tactile stimulation.
56. The bumpy pavement yielded important tactile cues.
57. The therapist incorporated tactile stimulation into her treatment plan.
58. The seeds offered engaging tactile stimulation as they spilled from my hand.
59. The child relied on tactile stimuli for learning and growth.
60. My hands took in the rich tactile sensations of the clay.

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