Taliban example sentences

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"Taliban" Example Sentences

1. The Taliban is a militant group in Afghanistan.
2. The Taliban took control of Kabul in 1996.
3. The United States led an invasion of Afghanistan in response to the Taliban's support of al-Qaeda.
4. The Taliban banned music and television during its rule in Afghanistan.
5. The Taliban has been responsible for numerous terrorist attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
6. The Pakistani government has been accused of supporting the Taliban.
7. The Taliban uses suicide bombings as a tactic.
8. The Taliban has been condemned by numerous countries and international organizations.
9. The Taliban has targeted schools and teachers in its attacks.
10. The Afghan government has been engaged in peace talks with the Taliban since 2018.
11. The Taliban has been accused of human rights abuses, including the mistreatment of women and minorities.
12. The Taliban considers itself the legitimate government of Afghanistan.
13. The Taliban has a strict interpretation of Islam and enforces religious laws.
14. The Taliban has been able to maintain control of some areas of Afghanistan despite increased military pressure.
15. The Taliban has been linked to drug trafficking in Afghanistan.
16. The Taliban has been accused of providing safe haven to terrorists and other militant groups.
17. The Taliban has been involved in a long-standing conflict with the Afghan government and international forces.
18. The Pakistani government launched a military operation against the Taliban in 2014.
19. The Taliban claims to have a high number of fighters in its ranks.
20. The Taliban has released several statements in support of the Palestinian cause.
21. The Taliban has been battling the Islamic State in Afghanistan.
22. The Taliban has been accused of using civilians as human shields.
23. The Taliban has carried out attacks on aid workers and humanitarian organizations.
24. The Taliban has targeted Shia Muslims in its attacks.
25. The Taliban has been accused of burning down schools and attacking education advocates.
26. The Taliban has a shadow government in parts of Afghanistan that it controls.
27. The Taliban has been accused of attacking journalists and media outlets.
28. The Taliban has been accused of using child soldiers in its ranks.
29. The Taliban has expressed support for the withdrawal of U.S. and NATO troops from Afghanistan.
30. The Taliban has clashed with the Afghan government over proposed election reforms.

Common Phases

1. The Taliban insurgency has taken control of vast areas of Afghanistan;
2. The Taliban are known for their strict interpretation of Islamic law;
3. The Taliban sought to recreate Afghanistan under their own strict religious ideals;
4. The Taliban imposed harsh punishments on all who did not comply with their laws;
5. The Taliban were notorious for their treatment of women and minority groups;
6. The Taliban were toppled from power following the US-led invasion of Afghanistan;
7. The Taliban have continued to carry out attacks and fight against the Afghan government.

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