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Related (15): needle, yarn, stitching, button, spool, seam, embroidery, fabric, tapestry, knot, quilting, hemming, crochet, darning, weaving


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thread (noun) · threads (plural noun) · screw thread (noun) · screw threads (plural noun)

  - a long, thin strand of cotton, nylon, or other fibers used in sewing or weaving:

  - cotton, nylon, or other fibers spun into long, thin strands and used for sewing:

  - a long, thin line or piece of something:

  - a theme or characteristic, typically forming one of several, running throughout a situation or piece of writing:

  - (in online communication) a sequence of linked posts or messages.

  - a programming structure or process formed by linking a number of separate elements or subroutines, especially each of the tasks executed concurrently in multithreading.

  - a helical ridge on the outside of a screw, bolt, etc. or on the inside of a cylindrical hole, to allow two parts to be screwed together.

  - clothes:

  - pass a thread through the eye of (a needle) or through the needle and guides of (a sewing machine):

  - pass (a long, thin object or piece of material) through something and into the required position for use:

  - put (something) on a thread, chain, etc. that passes through it, especially in such a way as to connect a number of things by passing a thread through each:

  - move carefully or skillfully in and out of obstacles:

  - interweave or intersperse as if with threads:

  - pluck hairs from (the eyebrows or another part of the body) using a twisted cotton thread:

  - cut a screw thread in or on (a hole, screw, bolt, etc.):


yarn, cotton, filament, fiber, strand, string, twine, line, ply, streak, strand, stripe, line, striation, strip, seam, vein, belt, bar, swathe, drift, direction, sense, theme, motif, tenor, strain, thrust, subject, gist, burden, action, plot, storyline, scenario, outfit, clothes, costume, ensemble, suit, clothing, dress, attire, garments, garb, turnout, rig, uniform, livery, array, regalia, robes, finery, apparel, raiment, habiliments, vestments, vesture, habit, pass, string, weave, work, ease, inch, move, push, poke, thrust, string, file, progress, pass

"Thread" Example Sentences

1. The thread on the seam of my shirt is coming loose.
2. I need to buy some thread to mend this tear in my pants.
3. Can you thread the needle for me?
4. The threadbare blanket was all he had to keep warm.
5. There was a long thread of spiderwebs across the doorway.
6. He wove a beautiful tapestry using a variety of colored threads.
7. The thread of the conversation turned to politics.
8. She followed the thread of the story until it reached its conclusion.
9. The thread running through all of her artwork was a focus on nature.
10. I can’t find the thread of my own thoughts right now.
11. The thread of his argument was flawed.
12. This thread is too thin for this fabric.
13. The thread of fate connects us all.
14. The embroidery thread comes in a rainbow of colors.
15. He sewed the patch on with thick thread.
16. The thread of their relationship was strained.
17. The thread connecting the two pieces of fabric was strong.
18. The thread unravelled from his sweater and he had to quickly retie it.
19. I need to untangle this mess of thread.
20. The thread of hope kept him going through the tough times.
21. The thread of the plot seemed to meander without much purpose.
22. He followed the thread of clues until he solved the mystery.
23. I’m trying to follow the thread of what you’re saying, but I’m getting lost.
24. The thread of tradition was important to their family.
25. I’m going to thread the cord through the loop and tie it off.
26. The thread of love kept them together even through difficult times.
27. He tied a knot in the thread to secure the fabric in place.
28. The thread of time ran out as he struggled to finish his task.
29. She snipped the thread with a pair of scissors.
30. The thread of wisdom ran through all of his teachings.

Common Phases

- "Let's create a new thread"
- "I need to lock this thread"
- "The thread crashed"
- "This thread is taking too long"
- "Have you seen the latest post on the thread?"
- "The thread is now closed"
- "I'm about to start a new thread, any suggestions?"
- "I'm going to reply to this thread"
- "Can you merge these two threads into one?"
- "The thread is being heavily moderated"

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