Tyros example sentences

Related (11): novices, beginners, apprentices, neophytes, newbies, greenhorns, initiates, rookies, fledglings, amateurs, tenderfoots.

"Tyros" Example Sentences

1. The tyros in the kitchen were struggling to make a decent meal.
2. The sports team recruited many tyros this season.
3. The tyros in the band were eager to learn how to read sheet music.
4. The tyros in the company found it difficult to navigate the complex office politics.
5. The tyros in the art class were amazed by the instructor's talent.
6. The tyros on the construction site were given simple tasks to start.
7. The tyros in the science lab were excited to conduct their first experiment.
8. The new coach had his work cut out for him with all the tyros on the team.
9. The tyros in the theater production were nervous about their big debut.
10. The tyros in the math club were determined to compete in the competition.
11. The tyros in the marketing department needed guidance from their experienced colleagues.
12. The tyros in the beauty pageant were carefully coached by their mentors.
13. The tyros in the music industry had to work hard to get their break.
14. The tyros in the dance troupe were intimidated by their more experienced counterparts.
15. The tyros in the tech startup had big dreams but limited resources.
16. The tyros in the law firm were assigned mundane tasks at first.
17. The tyros in the fashion world were eager to make a name for themselves.
18. The tyros in the military were learning discipline and teamwork.
19. The tyros in the medical field were intimidated by the responsibility of saving lives.
20. The tyros in the cooking competition were determined to impress the judges.
21. The tyros in the gymnastics team were practicing hard to become more skilled.
22. The tyros in the detective agency were being trained in the art of investigation.
23. The tyros in the investment firm were learning the basics of finance.
24. The tyros in the beauty industry were discovering the power of makeup and skincare.
25. The tyros in the writing group were eager to share their creative works.
26. The tyros in the entrepreneurship class were encouraged to take risks and pursue their ideas.
27. The tyros in the real estate agency were learning the ins and outs of the market.
28. The tyros in the film industry were studying the craft of storytelling.
29. The tyros in the graphic design class were experimenting with different styles and techniques.
30. The tyros in the nonprofit organization were passionate about making a difference in the world.

Common Phases

1. Tyros, listen up!
2. Hey tyros, what's up?
3. Tyros, keep up the good work!
4. To all the tyros out there, don't give up!
5. Tyros, don't be afraid to ask for help.
6. Congratulations tyros, you made it through the first day!
7. Tyros, remember to take notes during training.
8. Good job tyros, you're making progress!
9. Tyros, don't forget to review the material.
10. Way to go tyros, you're doing great!

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