Undistinguishable example sentences

Related (10): indistinguishable, identical, alike, homogeneous, uniform, indistinct, equivalent, twin, parallel, interchangeable

"Undistinguishable" Example Sentences

1. The two identical birds were utterly undistinguishable from one another.
2. The noises from the nearby construction site were undistinguishable from a thunderstorm.
3. The handwriting on the forgery was so precise that it was undistinguishable from the original.
4. The two twin infants were undistinguishable to their parents despite their subtle differences.
5. The different types of seaweed were undistinguishable to me, but the marine biologist could tell them apart easily.
6. The low-quality audio recording made the speakers' voices undistinguishable and difficult to understand.
7. The camouflage pattern on the soldier's uniform made him undistinguishable from the surrounding forest.
8. The particles in the microscope slide were undistinguishable until they were magnified hundreds of times.
9. The identical twins always dressed in matching outfits, making them undistinguishable in a crowd.
10. The different shades of gray in the painting were undistinguishable to some, but to the artist they all had distinct purposes.
11. The two medications had undistinguishable effects on the patient's symptoms, making it difficult to determine which one was more effective.
12. The two houses on the block were undistinguishable except for their different colored front doors.
13. The two race cars were traveling at such a high speed that they were undistinguishable as they whizzed by.
14. The two dancers had undistinguishable skill and technique, making it difficult to choose a winner.
15. The siblings' voices were so alike that they were undistinguishable over the phone.
16. The two cats were practically undistinguishable, except for one small white patch on the ear of one of them.
17. The different types of medicinal herbs were undistinguishable to the untrained eye, but the herbalist knew their importance.
18. The two brands of soda tasted undistinguishable to me, but my friend swore she could taste a difference.
19. The different breeds of dogs were undistinguishable to the inexperienced pet owner, but the dog trainer could tell them apart instantly.
20. The two different types of mud looked undistinguishable at first glance, but the geologist could identify their mineral contents.
21. The two wines had undistinguishable tastes to some, but to the sommelier they had very different notes and aromas.
22. The two skin creams seemed undistinguishable, but one had extra moisturizing properties.
23. The two baseball players were so similar in appearance and playing style that they were undistinguishable during the game.
24. The two different spices looked undistinguishable, but they gave very different flavors to the recipe.
25. The two actresses were so alike in appearance that they were undistinguishable in their respective roles.
26. The two classical pieces were so similar in melody that they were almost undistinguishable to some.
27. The two paintings were so alike that they were undistinguishable without examining them closely.
28. The two types of lettuce were undistinguishable without tasting them, but one had a bitter taste while the other was sweeter.
29. The two trainees were undistinguishable in their physical abilities, but one had a stronger mental determination.
30. The two buildings on the street corner were practically undistinguishable in their architecture, except for the color of their bricks.

Common Phases

1. The two twins were undistinguishable from each other; their identical features made them nearly indistinguishable.
2. The camouflage patterns on the soldiers' uniforms made them undistinguishable from the surrounding trees and bushes; they were virtually invisible.
3. The different types of peppers looked undistinguishable to the untrained eye; only a seasoned chef could tell them apart.
4. The handwriting on the two notes was undistinguishable; it was impossible to determine which one was written by the suspect.
5. The two proposals were undistinguishable from each other; both offered the same benefits and drawbacks.
6. The various shades of blue in the painting were undistinguishable; they blended together seamlessly.
7. The voices of the two singers were undistinguishable; their harmonies were perfectly in sync.
8. The details in the two photographs were undistinguishable; they were taken from the same angle and lighting.
9. The test results of the two groups were undistinguishable; there was no significant difference between their scores.
10. The flavors of the two dishes were undistinguishable; they tasted exactly the same.

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