Unending example sentences

Related (14): eternal, perpetual, never-ending, ceaseless, endless, endless-loop, everlasting, infinite, continuous, incessant, unceasing, interminable, sempiternal, everlasting.

"Unending" Example Sentences

1. We endured the unending stream of complaints with polite smiles.
2. The line seemed to have no beginning and no end, just unending queues.
3. The unending cycle of poverty trapped many in that neighborhood.
4. The unending rain turned the ground into pools of mud.
5. Her unending questions slowly wore down his patience.
6. We faced unending days of boredom with little to do.
7. The conversation seemed doomed to go on in unending circles.
8. The novel filled with unending pages of monotony and tedium.
9. The meeting droned on in unending loops of repetition.
10. The unending traffic jam had us sitting for hours.
11. Her unending chatter filled the awkward silence.
12. The unending noise of jackhammers assaulted our senses.
13. The horror of war left many survivors with unending nightmares.
14. He searched in unending desperation for a way out.
15. The unending rows of identical houses blurred into one.
16. Their unending demands wore down our resistance over time.
17. The stream flowed in unending circles until it reached the sea.
18. The unending list of chores felt impossible to complete.
19. We endured the unending parade of disasters with grim humor.
20. Her unending grief at the loss of her child knew no relief.
21. They faced unending threats and harassment because of their beliefs.
22. The unending debate never seemed to reach a resolution.
23. Their unending attacks ate away at our self-confidence.
24. The unending hymn droned on and on for what seemed like hours.
25. The movie was filled with unending scenes of gore and violence.
26. The children played in unending circles of make-believe.
27. Her unending sorrow at his loss weighed heavily on her.
28. The path wound through unending woods without end in sight.
29. Their unending love seemed impervious to adversity.
30. The days passed with unending sameness and routine.
31. Our unending disputes pulled us further and further apart.
32. The tribulations left her with an unending feeling of exhaustion.
33. There seemed no end in sight to the unending line of applicants.
34. The unending accusations took their toll on his mental health.
35. The unending din of honking horns left us with headaches.
36. The argument went round and round with no end in unending circles.
37. The unending rumors spread like wildfire throughout the town.
38. The unending debts left them with little hope for the future.
39. Our unending search finally came to fruitful conclusion.
40. There seemed no end to the unending calls for updates and revisions.
41. The unending drone of the teacher's voice lulled many to sleep.
42. Our job involved unending rounds of pointless paperwork.
43. The wait seemed interminable, part of the unending torture.
44. The task involved hours of unending checking and rechecking.
45. The song played on repeat in unending refrain.
46. The problems seemed endless, part of some unending cycle of despair.
47. The demands made on her time felt unending and impossible to fulfill.
48. The unending lines at the bank exhausted our patience.
49. Their unending greed knew no bounds of decency or reason.
50. The rain fell in an unending torrent that flooded the streets.
51. The war effort demanded unending sacrifice from citizens.
52. The unending rows of headstones spread as far as the eye could see.
53. Their unending squabbles escalated into full blown arguments.
54. The traffic outside droned on in an unending soundtrack of noise.
55. Her sadness continued with unending persistence.
56. The pain seemed determined to go on in unending agony.
57. The unending nightmares left her sleep deprived and exhausted.
58. The hours ticked by in unending monotony as we waited.
59. They struggled under the burden of unending responsibilities.
60. The work went on in unending routines of paperwork and bureaucracy.

Common Phases

1. Their unending support gave me the strength to carry on.
2. The crowd roared with unending adulation for their hero.
3. The rain pounded on the roof with an unending tattoo.
4. She faced the unending demands of her children with grace.
5. The staircase seemed to climb to unending heights.
6. The bleak desert landscape stretched on into unending horizon.
7. His claims were met with an unending stream of questions.
8. The unending stream of letters poured into her inbox.
9. They endured years of unending hardship and struggle.
10. The noise from the machinery was an unending drone.
11. The queue of applicants seemed to stretch on to unending lengths.
12. The unending marathon of budget meetings left him exhausted.
13. Her long journey seemed to continue for unending miles.
14. The unending reports piled up on his desk.
15. The novel describes man's unending search for meaning.
16. The difficulties seemed never-ending, almost unending.
17. They face an unending battle to defeat their enemies.
18. The old woman spoke in an unending monotone.
19. The sales pitch went on for an unending ten minutes.
20. His unending desire for wealth drove him to extremes.
21. There were unending queues at the convenience store.
22. They fought an unending battle against poverty and injustice.
23. The journal documented her unending search for enlightenment.
24. His unending greed knew no bounds.
25. The grinding poverty had led to years of unending pain.
26. He faced unending years in prison for his crimes.
27. The conference seemed to drag on into unending time.
28. The noise was an unceasing, unending roar.
29. They battled against unending odds to achieve success.
30. Her smile seemed to convey an unending kindness.
31. Their unending hopes for a brighter future kept them going.
32. The withering heat created an unending thirst.
33. They struggled against unending misfortune and hardship.
34. Her dreams seemed to promise an unending bliss.
35. The concert lasted for what seemed like an unending time.
36. Their unending devotion to each other was an inspiration.
37. The unending political squabbles hindered any progress.
38. Her quest for knowledge seemed to have no unending goal.
39. His unending optimism drove him forward despite adversity.
40. The unending drone of traffic filled the air.
41. Their unending generosity touched the hearts of many.
42. Famine caused unending misery for millions.
43. He faced unending years of solitude in that prison cell.
44. The noise filled the room with an unending roar.
45. The marathon went on for what seemed an unending 42 kilometers.
46. Their unending quarrels wore down our patience.
47. They were driven by an unending quest for power.
48. The unending columns of ants marched across the kitchen floor.
49. Her unending kindness touched the hearts of all who knew her.
50. Their love story read like an unending romance.
51. Her unending patience towards her children inspired them.
52. The noise created an unending din that deafened the ears.
53. There seemed to be no unending supply of questions.
54. Their unending optimism kept their hopes alive.
55. The horrors of war continued with unending cruelty.
56. The worker's unending toil brought little reward.
57. Hopes for peace seemed an unending dream.
58. Their unending misfortune led them to despair.
59. The ceaseless rainfall caused unending floods.
60. The unending wailing of the ambulance filled the night air.

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