Untrue example sentences

Related (10): False, fictitious, fabricated, deceptive, dishonest, misleading, untrue, fallacious, erroneous, incorrect.

"Untrue" Example Sentences

1. Your accusation is untrue. I had nothing to do with that incident.
2. The rumors spreading about him are completely untrue.
3. The allegations being made against her are completely untrue and unfounded.
4. The statements he made were proven to be untrue.
5. She denied the untrue accusations made against her.
6. The media widely reported the untrue story.
7. The false and untrue claims are slanderous and damaging.
8. Please ignore any untrue comments you hear.
9. I categorically deny the untrue allegations being made.
10. The claims are absolutely untrue and ridiculous.
11. The information provided was found to be untrue.
12. The story has no basis in fact and is entirely untrue.
13. The judge determined the witness testimony to be untrue.
14. The rumors circulating online are patently untrue.
15. Those assumptions about me are completely untrue.
16. I regret sharing that untrue story with you.
17. We refute the untrue remarks that have been made.
18. You should not believe everything you hear, much of it is untrue.
19. The witness later recanted their untrue testimony.
20. Despite the untrue claims, the facts speak for themselves.
21. The facts do not support this untrue narrative.
22. I apologize for leading you to believe something untrue.
23. Such untrue gossip hurts everyone involved.
24. Untrue gossip and rumors only spread more pain.
25. The ad contained several untrue assertions.
26. You were misinformed; that story was untrue.
27. The police quickly determined the so-called sighting was untrue.
28. The interview contained several untrue statements.
29. The witness later admitted their testimony had been untrue.
30. The story seems unlikely and probably untrue.
31. I hope you do not believe those untrue comments about me.
32. Those accusations are completely untrue and unfair.
33. The blogger later issued a retraction of the untrue post.
34. It's unfortunate that so many untrue stories were spread.
35. The claim was dismissed as untrue and defamatory.
36. Those untrue Facebook posts caused a lot of trouble.
37. They issued an apology for sharing the untrue rumor.
38. Despite the untrue claim, the facts remain the same.
39. The newspaper later printed a correction of the untrue story.
40. The statement was called into question as possibly untrue.
41. She confronted her friend about the untrue gossip.
42. The witness corrected their earlier untrue testimony.
43. The untrue info spread like wildfire online.
44. The claim turned out to be completely untrue.
45. Fact-checkers quickly debunked the untrue assertion.
46. The news spread far and wide, though ultimately proved untrue.
47. Many mistook the parody as genuine, though it was untrue.
48. The hoax quickly fell apart once shown to be untrue.
49. The story had so many inconsistencies that it seemed untrue.
50. The witness finally admitted their testimony had been untrue.
51. Those reports about me are absolutely and categorically untrue.
52. The information you provided has been found to be untrue.
53. Those untrue Tweets only served to spread misinformation.
54. The statement was quickly retracted as being found untrue.
55. The interview contained crucial details later proven untrue.
56. Untrue stories give way to mistrust and misunderstanding.
57. False testimony was charged as an untrue statement to the court.
58. The advertisement was ordered to be pulled for containing untrue claims.
59. They issued an apology acknowledging that the info was untrue.
60. The situation was falsely portrayed and many details proved untrue.

Common Phases

Put to rest untrue rumors
Refute untrue claims
Deny untrue allegations
Dismiss untrue accusations
Debunk untrue stories
Retract untrue statements
Correct untrue information
Withdraw untrue testimony
Counter untrue assumptions
Clarify untrue facts
Refute untrue arguments
Example sentences:
The company put to rest untrue rumors about an impending closure.
She denied the untrue allegations made against her.
Experts quickly debunked the many untrue stories circulating online.
The witness withdrew his untrue testimony and admitted he had lied.
The spokesperson tried to refute the untrue claims made in the report.
The victim dismissed the untrue accusations against her as slander.
The report sought to correct some of the untrue information that had been published.
The newspaper later retracted the untrue statements it had printed.

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