Vaccine example sentences

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"Vaccine" Example Sentences

1. The new polio vaccine is helping to eradicate the disease.
2. Scientists are working on a vaccine for the coronavirus.
3. Children are recommended to receive various vaccines to protect them from diseases.
4. The popularity of the measles vaccine has led to plummeting cases of the disease.
5. Scientists hope they will have a working COVID-19 vaccine by next year.
6. People lined up to get the flu vaccine before the start of flu season.
7. The COVID-19 vaccine will not be 100% effective in preventing the disease.
8. Public health officials are urging everyone who can to get the COVID-19 vaccine once it becomes available.
9. Companies are racing to produce an effective and safe coronavirus vaccine.
10. Many parents get their children vaccinated according to the recommended vaccine schedule.
11. Public health depends on people getting recommended vaccines.
12. The coronavirus vaccine study is still in the testing phase.
13. Researchers have spent years developing an HIV vaccine but have not yet succeeded.
14. The first round of vaccines is being distributed to high-risk groups.
15. The virus looks promising as a possible vector for a vaccine.
16. The young child received all of the recommended childhood vaccines.
17. Strict vaccine mandates have helped boost vaccination rates.
18. Some parents choose not to vaccinate their children due to misconceptions about vaccine safety.
19. Scientists are working to determine the best combination of antigens for an effective HIV vaccine.
20. The MMR vaccine protects against measles, mumps, and rubella.
21. The recent measles outbreak highlights the importance of widespread vaccination.
22. The FDA will carefully review the safety data from the vaccine trials before approving the vaccine.
23. Experimental vaccine studies are still in the early stages.
24. Vaccine hesitancy is a growing public health concern.
25. Once a sufficient percentage of the population has been vaccinated, herd immunity is achieved.
26. Researchers hope that mRNA vaccines can transform vaccine development.
27. The WHO is working to ensure equitable global distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine.
28. The candidate vaccine produced a strong immune response in early trials.
29. Scientists are working on a universal influenza vaccine that would protect against multiple strains of the flu virus.
30. Vaccination rates among children have declined in recent years.
31. The vaccine rollout is taking longer than initially planned.
32. Experts recommend the flu vaccine for everyone over 6 months of age.
33. Many countries require children to be fully vaccinated before they can attend school.
34. The vaccine needle gave the toddler a scare.
35. Medical experts urge everyone to get the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as it is available to them.
36. The vaccine needs to be refrigerated at cold temperatures during storage and transport.
37. There are many recommendations about which vaccines children should receive and when.
38. Areas with low vaccination rates tend to have higher rates of outbreaks.
39. The vaccine developers are working around the clock.
40. Seniors lined up to get the new shingles vaccine.
41. Scientists have been working for decades to develop an effective HIV vaccine.
42. The flu vaccine is already available for the upcoming flu season.
43. Many babies receive their first vaccines when they are just a few months old.
44. Vaccines provide protection by triggering the body's own immune response.
45. They are still working on the dosage and schedule for the new COVID vaccine.
46. The health department organized a vaccine clinic to immunize schoolchildren.
47. Public health nurses administer vaccines to patients of all ages.
48. The vaccine could be ready by early next year, if all goes well.
49. Studies show that vaccines are very safe and effective.
50. Scientists are currently testing various vaccine candidates.
51. Public health campaigns aim to increase vaccination rates.
52. Vaccines have helped eradicate deadly diseases like smallpox.
53. All of the major COVID vaccine trials are currently in Phase 3.
54. Research into universal vaccine technology continues.
55. The vaccine makers are optimistic that the vaccines will provide long-lasting immunity.
56. Preventable diseases still threaten many children who do not receive vaccines.
57. Immunity after vaccination generally last for many years.
58. Public health officials credit vaccines for overall increased life expectancy.
59. Regulatory approval for the vaccine may come within weeks.
60. Vaccines have saved countless lives over the years.

Common Phases

1. get (receive) the vaccine
2. develop a vaccine
3. clinical vaccine trials
4. vaccine candidate
5. vaccine breakthrough
6. vaccine rollout
7. approve (authorize) the vaccine
8. vaccine supply
9. distribute the vaccine
10. administer the vaccine
11. equitable vaccine access
12. recommend the vaccine
13. vaccine-preventable disease
14. vaccine injury
15. at-risk (high-risk) groups
16. vaccine effectiveness
17. vaccine protocol
18. vaccine mandate
19. vaccination schedule
20. vaccine production

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