Vaticinal example sentences

Related (14): prophetic, divinatory, oracular, visionary, prescient, clairvoyant, foretelling, predictive, foreboding, portentous, auspicious, augural, premonitory, prognostic

"Vaticinal" Example Sentences

1. The old man's vaticinal words proved to be true.
2. The vaticinal predictions of ancient prophets were often cryptic.
3. The psychic's vaticinal abilities were in high demand.
4. The vaticinal dreams of the young girl often came true.
5. The seer's vaticinal powers were both feared and revered.
6. The vaticinal pronouncements of the high priest were always obeyed.
7. The oracle's vaticinal utterances were interpreted by the priests.
8. The diviner's vaticinal readings revealed a positive outcome.
9. The vaticinal visions of the mystic were often difficult to understand.
10. The astrologer's vaticinal forecast was accurate for the month.
11. The fortune teller's vaticinal prediction was about to be realized.
12. The augur's vaticinal interpretation was a positive omen.
13. The soothsayer's vaticinal prophecy caused great concern.
14. The bard's vaticinal songs resonated with the audience.
15. The shaman's vaticinal rituals were sacred and secret.
16. The medium's vaticinal messages provided comfort to the bereaved.
17. The wise woman's vaticinal advice was sought by many.
18. The vaticinal nature of the ancient manuscript was debated by scholars.
19. The druid's vaticinal guidance was highly respected by the tribal leaders.
20. The magician's vaticinal illusions amazed and entertained the crowd.
21. The witch's vaticinal spells were believed to have magical powers.
22. The alchemist's vaticinal experiments were related to transforming base metals into gold.
23. The theologian's vaticinal discourse was thought-provoking for the audience.
24. The mystagogue's vaticinal initiation ritual was highly secretive.
25. The spiritualist's vaticinal communication was with the spirit world.
26. The vaticinal omens of the dark clouds signaled an impending storm.
27. The sorcerer's vaticinal chant cast a spell of protection.
28. The hermit's vaticinal musings were recorded in his diary.
29. The monk's vaticinal visions were considered divinely inspired.
30. The guru's vaticinal teachings were followed by many of his disciples.

Common Phases

1. The vaticinal dreams she had were always hauntingly accurate; they filled her with a sense of foreboding.
2. The old prophet's vaticinal powers were well-known throughout the land; he was consulted by kings and commoners alike.
3. His vaticinal utterances were often seen as cryptic; his followers spent hours analyzing and interpreting them.
4. The vaticinal aura surrounding the ancient ruins sent shivers down her spine; she felt as though she had entered a sacred space.
5. The priestess' vaticinal prophecies were revered by the people; they sought her counsel in times of great need.
6. The oracle's vaticinal pronouncements were greeted with equal parts skepticism and awe; some believed her to be a fraud, while others saw her as a conduit to the divine.
7. The vaticinal powers of the mysterious crystal ball were both feared and coveted; many sought its wisdom, but few dared to uncover its secrets.
8. The seer's vaticinal gifts were both a blessing and a curse; she saw visions of the future that filled her with both hope and dread.

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