Wanness example sentences

Related (12): pale, pallor, ashen, colorless, sickly, wan, pasty, ashy, ghostly, ghastly, sallow, cadaverous

"Wanness" Example Sentences

1. The wanness of her complexion suggested she might be ill.
2. He was surprised by the wanness of his face in the mirror that morning.
3. The lack of color in the painting gave it a certain wanness.
4. There was a wanness to the light filtering through the curtains.
5. The wanness of the flowers suggested they had not been watered in a while.
6. His wanness of spirit made him appear weak and defeated.
7. She was concerned about the wanness of her lips, which often lacked color.
8. His wanness of character made it difficult for him to stand up for himself.
9. The wanness of the sky suggested a storm might be on the way.
10. The wanness in his eyes suggested fatigue or exhaustion.
11. Her wanness of emotion made it difficult to connect with her on a deeper level.
12. The wanness of his complexion suggested he might be anemic.
13. The wanness of the room made it feel cold and uninviting.
14. His wanness of expression made it difficult to know what he was thinking.
15. The wanness of his smile gave away his true feelings.
16. The wanness of the dawn suggested that it was still early in the morning.
17. The wanness of the moonlight made everything appear eerie and unsettling.
18. The wanness of his voice suggested he might be coming down with a cold.
19. The wanness in her eyes suggested she might be hiding something.
20. His wanness of attitude made it difficult for him to work well within a team.
21. The wanness of his hair suggested he might be malnourished.
22. Her wanness of mood made everyone around her feel tense and anxious.
23. The wanness of his skin suggested he might be dehydrated.
24. The wanness of the cliffs made them appear stark and foreboding.
25. His wanness of temperament made him difficult to be around.
26. The wanness of the landscape suggested that it was in need of rain.
27. The wanness of her speech suggested she might be nervous or anxious.
28. The wanness of the atmosphere made it difficult to see things clearly.
29. His wanness of appearance made him appear much older than he was.
30. The wanness of the music made it difficult to feel any joy or excitement.

Common Phases

1. The wanness of her face was a clear sign of sickness;
2. His wanness had worried his friends for a long time;
3. The wanness of the sky hinted a coming storm;
4. After the long winter, the wanness of the trees finally gave way to new growth;
5. The wanness of the food indicated that it was stale;
6. She tried to hide the wanness of her smile, but her friends could tell she was unhappy;
7. The wanness of his skin was a telltale sign of his exhaustion;
8. The wanness of the room made it feel cold and uninviting.

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