Whitish example sentences

Related (11): pale, light, off-white, ivory, cream, eggshell, alabaster, milky, chalky, ashen, frosty

"Whitish" Example Sentences

1. The bread had a slightly whitish color due to the use of bleached flour.
2. The sky above the horizon was a pale, whitish blue.
3. The snake's underbelly was whitish in color, while the rest of its body was dark.
4. The old church had a whitish hue to it, indicating its age.
5. The puppy had a whitish spot on its nose, giving it a unique look.
6. The river water had a somewhat whitish appearance due to the rapid flow.
7. The snow on the ground was a dirty whitish color from the pollution in the air.
8. The painting had a whitish streak in the middle, which the artist had intentionally added.
9. The bird had a whitish streak on its wings, making it stand out from the rest of the flock.
10. The cat's fur had a whitish tint to it from being exposed to sunlight too often.
11. The rock formation had a whitish layer on top that sparkled in the sunlight.
12. The mountain in the background had a whitish peak, signifying its high altitude.
13. The clouds in the sky were a blend of gray and whitish hues.
14. The plant had whitish leaves due to a lack of nutrients in the soil.
15. The statue had a whitish film on it from years of exposure to the elements.
16. The ocean had a whitish foam on top from the waves crashing against the shore.
17. The mold on the bread had a whitish color to it, indicating its age.
18. The house had a whitish paint job that made it stand out from the rest of the neighborhood.
19. The moon had a whitish glow to it on the night of the full moon.
20. The fish had a whitish belly, which was a weak point for predators to attack.
21. The flower had whitish petals that contrasted with its bright yellow center.
22. The cheese had a whitish rind on the outside, which some people found unappetizing.
23. The lizard had a whitish throat that it would puff out to assert dominance.
24. The river had a whitish mist that formed over it in the early morning.
25. The ash from the fire had a whitish appearance once it had cooled down.
26. The dog had a whitish snout that made it look older than it was.
27. The ice on the lake had a whitish layer on top, making it harder to skate on.
28. The mushroom had a whitish cap on top, which made it easily identifiable.
29. The pen had a whitish smear on it, indicating that the ink was running low.
30. The snowflake had a perfectly symmetrical shape and a beautiful whitish color.

Common Phases

1. The milk turned whitish; it must be going bad.
2. The clouds had a faint, whitish tint as the sun began to set.
3. The walls of the old house had a whitish hue due to years of neglect.
4. The mucus from my cold was now a thick, whitish substance.
5. The powder made her skin look whitish and inconsistent.
6. The dead fish floating on the surface of the water had a whitish belly.
7. The doctor noticed a whitish growth on the X-ray and ordered further tests.
8. The girl's eyes reflected a whitish glow in the dark.
9. The edges of the snow banks had a hardened, whitish texture.
10. The cheese had a whitish mold growing on it, indicating that it was no longer safe to eat.

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