Womanizer example sentences

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[ˈwo͝oməˌnīzər] ✕ Play

womanizer (noun) · womanizers (plural noun) · womaniser (noun) · womanisers (plural noun)

  - a man who engages in numerous casual sexual affairs with women:

"Womanizer" Example Sentences

1. The reputation of the popstar as a womanizer proceeds him wherever he goes.
2. The romance novel portrayed the male protagonist as a charming womanizer.
3. She dumped him because she found out he was a womanizer.
4. He was known as a womanizer in his younger days, but had mellowed down with age.
5. The magazine published an article exposing him as a notorious womanizer.
6. He was accused of being a womanizer by several of his ex-girlfriends.
7. She fell for his charms, only to find out later that he was a womanizer.
8. The movie portrayed the lead character as a womanizer, who eventually finds true love.
9. She was warned by her friends about him being a womanizer, but she didn't pay heed to their advice.
10. The politician had a reputation as a womanizer, but it didn't impact his career much.
11. The TV series featured a womanizer as one of its main characters.
12. He was a master at disguising himself as a charming gentleman, but in reality, he was a womanizer.
13. The actress had a torrid affair with a womanizer, which eventually ended badly.
14. He was a womanizer, but he never hid his intentions from anyone.
15. The novel's main character was a womanizer who eventually realizes the error of his ways.
16. She fell for his charms, only to be disappointed later when she found out that he was a notorious womanizer.
17. He was considered a ladies' man by his friends, but in reality, he was nothing but a womanizer.
18. The magazine portrayed him as a serial womanizer, who had several affairs at the same time.
19. She was attracted to his confidence and wit, but soon discovered that he was a womanizer.
20. The gossip columns were full of rumors about the actor being a womanizer.
21. He made many promises to her, but she soon found out that he was a womanizer who couldn't be trusted.
22. The play depicted a womanizer who eventually realizes that true love is more important than his fleeting affairs.
23. She was warned by her colleagues about his reputation as a womanizer, but she still decided to date him.
24. He had a reputation as a womanizer, but surprisingly, he never had any serious relationships.
25. The tabloids often depicted him as a womanizer due to his frequent partying and wild behavior.
26. She couldn't believe that she had fallen for a womanizer, who had a notorious reputation.
27. He was a womanizer, but he always treated his partners with respect and never cheated on them.
28. The book portrayed the protagonist as a reformed womanizer, who eventually found his perfect match.
29. She was heartbroken when she found out that her boyfriend of three years was a womanizer.
30. He was a womanizer who had everything - looks, charm, and money, but he never found true love.

Common Phases

not use derogatory phrases.
1. He's such a womanizer; he can't keep his hands to himself.
2. She was warned about him being a womanizer, but she didn't listen.
3. It's sad that some men still think being a womanizer is attractive.
4. I don't want to be around him; he gives off a womanizer vibe.
5. Being a womanizer is not something to brag about; it's disrespectful and harmful.
6. She realized too late that he was nothing but a womanizer and a player.
7. He may have a lot of girlfriends, but that doesn't make him a womanizer; it's his treatment of them that does.
8. She's afraid to date him because she's heard he's a womanizer and doesn't want to be another one of his conquests.
9. He thinks being a womanizer makes him a man, but it only shows his immaturity.
10. She's not interested in him because he's a known womanizer and she's looking for something more serious.

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