Wrests example sentences

Related (12): struggles, seizes, extracts, snatches, wrenches, plucks, yanks, tugs, prises, removes, dislodges, uproots.

"Wrests" Example Sentences

1. The wrestler effortlessly wrests his opponent to the ground.
2. He always wrests control of the conversation, never letting anyone else speak.
3. The young girl wrests the toy from her brother's grasp.
4. He desperately wrests the steering wheel, trying to regain control of the vehicle.
5. The thief attempts to wrest the stolen item away from the store clerk.
6. She gradually wrests power from the current president through strategic maneuvering.
7. The hurricane wrests trees from the ground, leaving a path of destruction.
8. The CEO wrests control of the struggling company, implementing new policies to save it.
9. The boxer wrests the heavyweight title away from the reigning champion in an upset victory.
10. She wrests her freedom from an abusive relationship, finally leaving him for good.
11. The team captain has to wrest control of the locker room, resolving conflicts and creating a positive environment.
12. The soldier wrests a weapon from the enemy, using it to defend himself.
13. He uses his charm to wrest information from unsuspecting targets.
14. The farmer wrests a living from the harsh, unforgiving land.
15. The politician aims to wrest power from the opposing party in the upcoming election.
16. She must wrest control of her emotions, refusing to let them control her actions.
17. The brave firefighter wrests a victim from a burning building, saving their life.
18. The young prodigy wrests the championship title from the seasoned veteran, surprising everyone.
19. When faced with adversity, he always manages to wrest victory from the jaws of defeat.
20. The spy attempts to wrest classified information from a high-ranking government official.
21. She must wrest the truth from her cheating partner, refusing to be deceived any longer.
22. The athlete struggles to wrest his body into peak physical condition for the upcoming competition.
23. The detective must wrestle with his conscience as he wrests the truth from a suspect using controversial methods.
24. The performer must constantly work to wrest the audience's attention, captivating them with his act.
25. With great effort, they finally managed to wrestle the stubborn door open.
26. The coach must wrest control of his team's morale, motivating them to perform at their best.
27. The war hero must wrestle with the PTSD that often accompanies military service.
28. The clever detective successfully wrests a confession from the murderer, closing the case.
29. The fierce competitor must wrest control of his nerves, keeping them in check under intense pressure.
30. The determined activist aims to wrest power from oppressive regimes, fighting for a better world.

Common Phases

you need me to use "wrests" in a sentence several times separated by semicolons?
1. The wrestler relentlessly wrests control of the match; with each move, he gains a stronger hold on his opponent; eventually, he emerges as the clear winner.
2. She wrests the heavy box from the shelf; the weight nearly topples her over; but she steadies herself and carries it across the room.
3. The politician wrests power from his rivals; he schemes and strategizes until he's on top; but even then, he maintains a watchful eye on his enemies.
4. The thief wrests the jewelry from the safe; he works quickly, knowing that time is of the essence; soon he has what he came for and is escaping into the night.
5. The athlete wrests victory from her opponents; with each race, she pushes herself harder and harder; finally, she crosses the finish line as the crowd cheers.

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